A Thorough Bosch Table Saw Review

A Thorough Bosch Table Saw Review

The 10″ Bosch 4100 Table Saw is exceptional for easy transport between jobsites. With the gravity-rise and trademarked stand, it allows your set up to be a breeze. A digital LCD measuring gauge display attaches to the trade marked Square lock Rip Fence for very accurate cutting.

Bosch 4100 Table Saw has 8″ Treaded Pneumatic Wheels which gets you through some tough job sites. The unit has a power coat paint finish which makes it last longer. The collapsible design minimizes storage space requirements. This is the ultimate Christmas gift for any ‘do-it-yourself’. Bosch Table Saw is a present they will never forget and get to use all the time.

Bosch Digital Carriage for Precision Measuring

The Digital measuring display is a precision accessory used with Bosch 4100 09 Table saw’s rip fence. The digital carriage accurately displays the distance between saw’s blade and the working side of the fence before you make a rip cut.

A rip is done when you cut with the grain or lengthwise. When cutting longer boards, you can get the table support accessory. It comes in really handy when you are alone and don’t have a helper to hold the board.

The mode can be set for inches or metric measurements. The digital display is in addition to the regular measurements like the fence or table pointer referring to the inch scale on the table’s front rail. The digital carriage is used for rip cutting.

Just by looking at the picture, you can’t see it but Bosch Table Saw has an automatic shut off feature on the measuring device to extend the life of your battery. It turns off automatically after one minute. This handy device will remember the last measurement you made. All you have to do is hit the on/off switch to get your last measurement when you get back to work again. That sure can be nice when you have a lot of things to remember and a short term memory.

Collapsible Design Saves Space

Having many tools that get the job done faster is the dream of most ‘do-it-yourselves’. However, having a place to put your tools is a different dilemma. Tools take up space and you need a good accessible spot to get at them.

Bosch 4100 Table Saw saves space because it has a collapsible design which allows you to hide it better. I use the word hide, because it can shrink so nicely into smaller areas that I cannot do with other tools. You can scoot it in sideways, lay it down, and hang it or whatever. This unit is very versatile.

Types of Cuts

The Bosch Table Saw has many different cuts it can do.

Cross Cutting

When you cut wood across the grain, at 90 degrees, or square with both the edge and the flat side of the wood.

Miter Cutting

When you cut wood other than 90 degrees with the edge of the wood.

Bevel Cutting

It’s the same as crosscutting except that the wood is also cut at a bevel angle, other than the flat side of the wood.


When you cut out a section of the corner of a piece of material, across the end or along the edge. When you make rabbet cuts, you do not go all the way through the material.

If you are thinking of installing any woodworking structure at home, either for structural or aesthetic reasons, most typically you need the services of a professional woodworker. They are specialists in timber and ensure that the developed structures are robust, durable and also remain consistent with the style of your home. The problem is that often people do not know where to turn and usually end up calling the first contact they see in the phone book or on the internet. That is why today I bring you a guide about how to choose a good woodworker, so you avoid throwing your money for a badly done job.

Do you know what kind of woodworking you need?

Although all woodworkers know woodwork, you might be surprised to know that you can find specialists in different fields that treat wood using different techniques. For example, there are specialized woodworkers in framing, formwork, structural work, moldings, chairs and others who have more experience when making repairs. That is why before hiring one, it is important to know what kind of work you need. In this way, you can be sure that the person hired has experience.

Check Credentials

When choosing a professional, it is essential to ensure that he is fully trained and that he has license and is insured to be covered in the event of an accident with your belongings. A good woodworker will not mind showing documentation proving that everything is in order.

In addition, I recommend that you ask for references, for examples, of their previous work, especially if the work you need done at home which is delicate or large. Contact the given references and ask about the level of satisfaction they experienced.

Expenses & Budget

When asked for the budget, many woodworkers often give only the costs related to labor. However, it is important to also keep in mind the costs that will be needed for materials and transportation. Therefore, it is important to always ask for a closed budget itemizing all expenses that entail all the work.

For budget, you can ask several professionals, especially if you have no idea how much it will cost, since this way you can know what the average price is and avoid overpaying. In any case, it is not always a good idea to hire the cheapest one, especially when it comes to larger or more specialized jobs. In such a case, it is always best to use a woodworker who can offer quality in his work and use materials with minimal wastage.

Check Availability

It is widely believed that the availability of the woodworker who can work on the day and time best suits you, but you must give consideration to his availability as well. It is also particularly important to know what the deadline for completion of the work he tells because if it is stretched, it can end up causing great inconvenience in your home. You also ensure the hired professional is legit and he will be punctual to avoid wasting your time waiting if you have more work to do that day.


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