Amazing Facilities Provided in the Northwave EC

Amazing Facilities Provided in the Northwave EC

Hao Yuan Investment Company has engaged in the construction business for years and they don’t require the introduction at all. All the projects completed by Hao Yuan Investment Company need no further introduction for their quality, comfort and durability. The Northwave EC is also backed by the same construction giant, Hao Yuan Investment Co. The main difference between the apartments of the city’s life Condominium life is its peaceful natural environment and comfort. These facilities you cannot find in the city’s life.

Northwave EC will be one of the best projects of Hao Yuan Investment. The construction group will provide the state-of-the-art facilities in the vicinity. Here we will discuss some of facilities that would be given in Northwave EC.


The prime factor of any quality housing project is its location. Location is so important that it can really make or break any housing project. For this reason, the Hao Yuan has selected the one of the best and prime location for the construction of Northwave Econo Condominium. The Northwood EC will be situated at Woodlands Avenue 12, Woodland View and Gambas Avenue. All these three venues are the prime venues of Singapore that are considered as an ideal spot for any housing project.

Schools and Educational Institutes Near Vicinity of Northwave EC

The location of the Northwave EC is considered as the main hub for school, colleges and other educational institutes. The prime educational institutes near the vicinity of the Northwave EC are a Greenwood Primary School, Riverside Primary School, Admiralty Secondary School, Sembawang Secondary School, Sembawang Primary School and Admiralty Primary School.

Park Connectors of the Northwave EC

The Northwave EC has also situates around some quality park connectors as well. The first park connector of the Northwave EC is Woodlands Avenue 12 that starts at the entrance of Woodland (Ave 12) from SLE and continues along Woodland (Ave 12) before ending at the junction of Gambas Avenue with Woodlands Avenue 12. Additionally, all the park connectors’ features green-roof shelters several drinking fountains that visitors can enjoy by roaming or passing-by the park connectors.

The other Park Connector of the Northwave EC is the Admiralty West Park Connector. This Admiralty Park Connector links the Woodlands Avenue 7 Park Connector to Woodland front. Visitors can also enjoy and admire the natural and serene beauty in the nearby butterfly garden.

Woodland Waterfront Park

The visitors can also enjoy the exceptional view of the coastal water park. The park has an ample area of 11-hecatres that makes it the ideal place for several types of recreational activities during the hot and humid seasons of the year.

Visitors can additionally take a panoramic view of all the coastal line of Singapore from the areas of the coastal Waterfront Park. Visitors can also enjoy their walk along the scenic trail. The park is also fitted certain state-of-the-art exercise equipments to quench the thirst of adventurous and exercise enthusiasts.  The Woodland Waterfront Park is also connected with the Admiralty Park through the 25 kilometers Northern Explorer Loop. You will love living in Northwave EC.


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