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An Overview Of The Pulse Oximeters

An Overview Of The Pulse Oximeters

A pulse oximeter is a medical device, which can help you to ensure that your oxygen levels, and your heart rate is healthy. Many people have seen an oximeter on television, in hospitals, and they may have even had an oximeter used on them during a hospital visit. The majority of people aren’t aware that they can actually get a pulse oximeter for their own home and many people also aren’t sure what it is a pulse oximeter does. Having your own pulse oximeter that you can use in your own home is an ideal, convenient way to ensure your health and the health of your family members.

These devices come in a range of different types and models. The most common type is the one which attaches to the finger. However, this is not the only type as you also get stationary oximeters and wrist oximeters. The stationary devices are generally large and not designed for home use. These are the devices that will be used in doctor’s rooms and hospitals. The wrist device is very similar to the fingertip one which the exception of the display unit being on the wrist instead of the finger. Many people find this to be an easier option as they do not want to carry the finger type around with them. Wrist devices are also better for people who need to continuously monitor their readings during the day.

Pulse oximeters are beneficial for a number of different people. They are particularly useful for those who have respiratory problems, such as emphysema and asthma. The device is very convenient, as it can be placed on the body easily to take a reading. It can also generate a reading fairly quickly. For those living with a respiratory illness, a pulse oximeter can be a highly useful device to have at home. You can purchase a wide range of different pulse oximeters, such as wrist pulse oximeters, pediatric pulse oximeters and fingertip pulse oximeters.

This device can be applied in literally seconds and within a very short space of time can give the medical staff an accurate reading of whether there is the right amount of oxygen within the patient’s body. This reading within seconds can give the medical staff an indication that oxygen is needed and therefore allowing for masks and automatic breathing machines to be deployed very fast, therefore increasing the chances of survival in the most serious of cases.

A pulse oximeter is a medical device, which is used in hospitals and other medical environments worldwide. Many people who have been in hospital or any other medical facility might have probably had a pulse oximeter used on them. You can now purchase pulse oximeters for home use as well. They are easy to use and similar to those used in medical settings. Although most people have seen pulse oximeters and have even had one used on them by a medical professional, the majority of people don’t know a whole lot about them. Most people don’t know how they are used, what they are used for, and how they work. Understanding these things can help you to decide whether it is useful for you or not.

What do Pulse Oximeters Do?

They measure the level of oxygen saturation in the body’s hemoglobin. In healthy human beings, the oxygen saturation levels in the blood should be around 94% to 99%. If oxygen rates are lower than 94%, then this can indicate that there is an underlying medical issue. An oximeter also measures a person’s heart rate.


It was invented by a Japanese engineer Takuo Aoyagi. Prior to this, other oximeter devices had been created by Glenn Allan Millikan and others. However, these devices were nothing like the ones used today. Aoyagi’s pulse oximeter was the first device that measured the oxygen in the blood using infrared light. It is his device that the pulse oximeters used today are based on. After Aoyagi’s device, many more companies began producing and by 1987 they were used in hospitals and medical facilities worldwide.

How do They Work?

It is placed on the body in an area where the skin is thinner such as on the fingertip, wrist or earlobe. Once it has been placed onto the body, it then uses infrared light to measure the amount of oxygen that is in the blood. The pulse oximeter then calculates the body’s blood oxygen level, as well as the heart rate. Then, on the screen of the device, a reading is shown. Once the person has this reading, he or she checks this data and see if it is in a normal range for them. Most people’s blood oxygen level will be between 94% and 99%, but if a person has a medical condition, it could be lower. When you intend to buy this device, you must read pulse oximeter reviews, so that you can find the best device.


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