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Are Spiders Dangerous for Humans?

Are Spiders Dangerous for Humans?

Spiders are commonly found in houses and their presence is reflected in the nest they build in the ceiling corners and behind gaps where furniture is kept. The spiders are arachnids which do not have any wings, two body parts, at least eight legs, and they are not able to chew. The entomologists and zoologists who are specialist in insects and spiders believe there are 3,500 types of spiders in North America with as many as 350 as yet undocumented. The spiders are predators by nature seeking meals of insects and lesser spiders. All spiders have fangs with venom which is strong enough to immobilize, or even kill, its small prey and there are several spiders which can cause true health concerns for human beings.

In North America, the black widow spider, the brown recluse spider, and hobo spiders are considered to as the deadliest arachnids to human beings. Each type can cause a serious pain and even death if the victims do not receive medical attention on soon enough. The black widow is all black except for a splash of red coloration on its abdomen. The brown recluse is a dark brown, as its name suggests, and its body is said to be shaped like a fiddle; alternatively it has also been called the violin spider. The Hobo spiders are large, brown spiders with distinctive yellow markings on their abdomen but no markings on their legs.

The Danger of Spiders to Humans

Generally speaking, the spiders are not aggressive towards human beings and usually they bite because of the accidental contact. The black widow leaves a unique wound with two puncture marks from its fangs and it typically bites when its web has been disturbed. The Brown recluse spiders cannot bite anyone without counter pressure, but all it takes is rubbing up against a tree for this spider to bite causing a white painful blister which can lead to necrosis. The Hobo spiders are runners and do not climb well, therefore, they are much more likely to feel trapped and as a result they attack. While the hobo spider’s bite is not deadly, its venom can surely cause a wound which heals with a very slow speed. All of these bites can also turn out to be infected as well.

Spider Control Methods

Preventing spiders is preferred, but sometimes these pests find their way indoors. Most spider control methods are easy enough for most homeowners. In the case of a major infestation or poisonous spiders, it might be necessary to call in a professional who will be the best spider killer for sure.

Humans often mistake spiders for insects, but on the contrary, they are arachnids.  They are two different types of pests that humans usually do not identify as different types. Under the category of Arachnids, there are scorpions and spiders. And under insects, just about any other pest you may see roaming around.

How many different species of spider are there?

There are an estimated 40,000 species of spider in this world. Each spider has a different look and a variety of bite. One spider mimics an insect, the ant mimicking spider. But there are several different cousins related to this spider that also mimic the ants.

What are their webs like? Isn’t that how they collect food?

Their webs are thick and sticky strings strung together to make a pattern that will trap insects in it. For some spiders, they use their web to gather food but for others they will hunt for it. A species that is very common that uses a web is the Black Widow spider, as soon as something is caught in its web, the spider crawls over and jabs the insect with its fangs which kill it. But some other spiders like Brown Recluse, Tarantulas and Jumping Spiders hunt rather than use a web to catch prey. 

Spiders create their webs out of sticky silk and they weave it into different shapes and forms. Some webs are visible to the eye and some are not. The Black Widow spider creates a thick web which is easy to see as it is unorganized and all over the place.  While others hide it properly so that the insects can’t see it as well.

How can I avoid contact with spiders?

The first thing that I highly recommend is to slam the bottom of your shoes against the ground. Hit them as hard as you can on the floor to make any spiders hiding at the tip of your shoe to drop. That is how most spiders bite and scorpion stings occur. Another thing you can do is pick up piles of wood or go through boxes in a garage with gloves on. The spiders will bite if you interrupt them while they are living in their ‘home’. If you see a spider web, do not destroy it but contact a spider specialist spider killer on immediate basis. If you have a spider in your home or on the floor, stepping on it would be a good solution, of course with shoes on.


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