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At What Age, Should I Allow My Kid to Use Facebook?

At What Age, Should I Allow My Kid to Use Facebook?

If you are a parent with children or minors in your care, you probably be wondering at what age, you should allow the kids to use Facebook and other social networks. Find the answer and read other related tips in this article.

Review the terms of use of these social networks in which your kids wish to participate

Before allowing your children to create their own social profiles, carefully review the terms of use of these networks. Because many of them have been created in the United States, the minimum age to create a profile on a social networking site is 13 years which is because of 1998 federal law called US Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act regarding the use of confidential information from minors stored.

Because personal information from children under 13 years must be handled differently, many social networks have chosen not to allow them to use their services. Therefore, if your child is under 13 years old and want to create a Facebook profile, when entering your date of birth, this network will not allow them to create account.

Taking into account the ease of overcoming these digital barriers

Even if your children do not have minimum age to open an account on Facebook, it is considered to be quite simple to bypass this restriction. Simply enough that they enter false date of birth to indicate that they are more than 13 years and continue the process of creating an account.

Another possible solution used by many children to enter these networks, and escape the control of their parents, is to open an account under a false name and tell their friends about fictitious name to be added as friends and begin to share with them.

If your children are over 13, or if you do not mind these restrictions and trust them

If there are no impediments to your children entering these networks, do your best to review not only the terms of use but also the privacy policy of Facebook. This will indicate how the personal data of users is stored and used.

Many believe that ‘what you publish on the Internet, is there forever’ even if you later delete it. If this is your view, you and your children should evaluate the possible access to this networks again.

Talk with other parents

Ask other parents who know just in case they have allowed their children to use social networks. It could be that they are not aware of the situation and do not know what the minimum age at which they can create their own profiles.

Your children might want to join Facebook to know what happens to their school friends in those hours when they do not share a classroom. If this is the case, it might be more convenient to allow them to meet in person before having to create social profiles to contact.

Accept the reality and understand that you cannot control at all times

It is now possible to connect to the internet from house, school, public libraries, mobile phones and portable electronic tablets. With this in mind, understand that your role as a parent is that of a counselor. While you cannot control every hour, you can advise on what they should and should not do on Facebook.

Some parents block the Facebook on home computer, but they can access this social network with Facebook proxy site, which are very commonly used nowadays by people who want to access Facebook where it is blocked.

Your biography in Facebook is one of the ideal places to share photos with family and friends. But what can you do if one of those uploaded images turns out to be compromising? To solve this problem, here you will learn how to delete photos on Facebook in a few steps. Follow them to better control how you present yourself on Facebook and protect your privacy properly.

1 – Find the photo you want to delete

Login to your account and check your bio on Facebook. To do this, click on your name on the homepage and it will show you the latest updates from your contacts. After that you will see your personal profile. If you want to remove a photo that you have published recently, look it between your latest stories published to find it. If you want to delete an older photo, it might not be the most efficient method. To save time, click on the link ‘Photos’ located under the cover photo of your biography.

2 – Organizing photos on Facebook

This will take you to the section that contains all the images you have uploaded, as well as those which have been labeled and that others have uploaded. If what you want is to remove a tag on Facebook, check the following instructions to perform that action.

Before you continue, you should note that many of your Facebook photo albums are created automatically, depending on how you upload those images. If you have spent time to properly organize, chances are you have created albums with names which is easy to identify. If the photo you want to delete is in one of them, select the appropriate album. If you want to delete images you have uploaded from your phone, check the album photos loaded with the cell. And if you want to get rid of your uploaded photo individually, check the photo album biography.

3 – Open the menu with options

After finding the image you want to delete, click the ‘Options’ menu that is located underneath and then select the option ‘Delete this photo’.

4 – Confirm your Action

Before deleting the photo, Facebook will ask if you are sure. If your answer is in positive, click on Confirm. If you have changed your mind, select Cancel. After deleting it, this photo is no longer visible on Facebook.

Deleting a photo on Facebook means you are only doing so in this social network and not in others. For example, if you deleted from Facebook a photo you shared from your account Instagram, copy on Facebook has been deleted, but the original photo on Instagram continues to exist. If you also want to delete photos on Instagram or another social network, check that application or the respective website to continue from there.


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