Beautifully Elegant Rolex Lady Datejust Wrist Watch

Beautifully Elegant Rolex Lady Datejust Wrist Watch

A man’s association with a woman is considered to be an inevitable human trait. For a human race, women have always been considered as the epitome of beauty and elegance. In other words, a woman is just another name for beauty and elegance. Fashion and style seem to exist on a dull stage till a woman is pulled in to exhibit the real essence of fashion and the importance of style. Rolex has always been a classic example of how style and fashion can be well amalgamated with beauty and elegance. The Rolex Lady Datejust is one of the most gorgeous Rolex timepieces in the entire collection of world class timepieces.

The style of Rolex Lady Datejust is fresh and it’s regarded as the watch for all kinds of occasion. Elegance and distinction are the two extraordinary features embedded all over the Rolex Lady Datejust. Found primarily in yellow or white gold and steel, it combines the best materials and colors to create a wonderful work of world class timekeeping. The combination of colors and materials also gave birth to the Rolex Rolesor which has been used in this watch too. The Rolex Rolesor makes it distinguishable from a distance.

The dial of each and every Rolex watch is a brilliant piece of extraordinary artwork. Fitted with gold crystals or a sunbeam dial, it just stands to be a distinct Rolex watch among others. It provides a wide range of colors, decors and motifs to provide enough choice for a lady to choose from her favorites. The unique gold crystals dial is made through the process of gold crystallization. This process was by Rolex and was produced in its foundry. The dial of this Rolex timepiece can be colored with grey, pink or yellow and can also be decorated with motifs.

The Oyster Bezel fluting has become a signature Rolex design over the time. Earlier, the main purpose of the bezel was to screw the bezel on to the case firmly to make sure that the watch is waterproof. The Oyster Bezel fluting is available in yellow, everose or white gold models. The radiance of the Rolex Lady Datejust is increased with the grace of 10 diamonds placed in the dial of the watch. More elegance is added to the watch with 46 brilliant-cut diamonds in the bezel. The shine of the watch is just enough to mention the presence of the watch amidst the crowd. For women who stand out in the crowd with their shining personality, this watch just fits in to their persona quite wonderfully.


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