Beginner’s Guide to Spotify

Beginner’s Guide to Spotify


If you are music lover and have recently connected to Spotify for music streaming, here are the guidelines and required information that every beginner needs to know:

Sign up:The first step for music streaming on Spotify is to create an account using your valid email ID. You can also use your Facebook account for signing up for Spotify. Next you have to select the subscription tier, which suites your streaming habits. There are two subscription tiers. One is Spotifyfree tier for Mobile and Desktop & Tablet devices and the other is premium tier. Spotify Free and Premium tiers have different features .In Spotify’s Free tier you don’t have to pay any subscription fee for music streaming. But you will be interrupted by ads during your play list. Also you will not be able to download music for offline listening. You will also not be allowed to play in high quality. In Premium tier, there is no such restrictions. You can easily download unlimited tracks for offline use and can listen to high quality bitrates. The subscription fee is $9.99 per month.

Library and Local Files:You will find your collection in the left sidebar.Yours saved music as playlist and local files will be in the collection. Spotify collects all your music saved in your hard drive to the library you can easily access your files and enjoy.

Playlists:You can easily build your own playlist by clicking of the new playlist or you can follow others playlists. Collaborative playlist option can help you to collaborate your list with your friends for vacation or for musical events. Depending upon your preference, you can public or make secret you playlists.

Play Queue: This option will queue a song after the music you are currently listening to.  It’s a very nice option when you are listening to a playlist and wants to listen to some specific track.

Sharing and Discovering Tunes: You can know what your friends and your favorite artist are listening to. This option will notify you to your favorite’s artist list, to which you are a follower. The right sidebar social feed lives and at top will suggest you to follow artist including Facebook friends. This will inform you, yours friends new created list on Spotify, songs they included to the playlist etc.

Sending and Sharing Music: You can easily share you music choice with friends on Facebook, Twitter by sharing on button on artist, album or playlist pages. You can send songs to your friends privately by clicking on the send tab located on the right side of box.

Discover: This discovery option will recommend you music based on your listening history. It will also notify you if a new album or artist related to your likeness is out. This option will work well, the more you use it.

Apps: Spotify apps will help you in choosing music which is trendy. Some apps allows you to show the lyrics of songs you are playing

Radio: You can build your own station by artist, album you love or not. You can access it also as a free user.

Want to get the free account, well you can after you know how to get Spotify premium for free, so that you can enjoy the content of your choice.


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