Bravado Acoustical Shell System – Make Your Event Unforgettable for Audience

Bravado Acoustical Shell System – Make Your Event Unforgettable for Audience

The acoustical shell are the most important part of a performance and the setting up of a shell is not carried out in the way as it should be, the performance may not grab the attention of the audience no matter how great it is. It has often been observed that the performance art fails only because of not having proper sounding arrangements; therefore, the organizers give much importance to every event that involves sounding as the biggest part of performance.

Bravado Acoustical Shell System has been designed by Staging Concepts and the basic purpose for the creation of this equipment is to make sure that the performance can be given in such an amazing way that the audience enjoys the best quality of visual look. If you want to captivate the attention of your audience, you really need this one equipment which guarantees maximum appealing for your overall performance on the stage.

Bravado Acoustical Shell System is basically an ultra modern facility which has been brought with the claim that it greatly improves the quality of sound and surely this is the most demanded thing by the audience in large halls. In fact, this is in the great interest of the listeners who are there to enjoy the best quality sounds and if they are unable to understand what the performers are saying or trying to deliver, the performance will never be able to achieve its objectives.

Bravado Shells have been designed in such a great way that they have been fully capable of creating magnificent acoustical surroundings. The use of ceiling panels and mobile towers brings a performance space for resounding. It is all about aluminum frivolous structure combined with an easy-to-use rolled mover kinds conveying and loading strongholds a modest and well-organized progression.

Lighting Options

  • ETC Source Four PAR EA
  • ETC Desire LED Series
  • ETC Source Four PAR MCM
  • Future Light 1000

Finish Options

  • High pressure laminate
  • Veneer
  • Painted


The best thing about this system is that you can customize it according to your requirements and you can choose different options. For example, custom panels, light fixtures, finishes and other configuration options can help you make a performance shell which will give an unforgettable feel and look to the venue of your performance. If you are interested to read about the features and benefits of acoustical shell system, see here.


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