Brief Reviews of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus & Apple iPhone X

Brief Reviews of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus & Apple iPhone X

iPhone X

This one falls in the category of Phablet. With its release in November 2017, iPhone X has already made a place in the list of many smartphone users’ list of favorites.It carries all the features of its predecessors at more advanced level for even better performance.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Here we will know a few things possible about this model. In essence, all the smartphones look the same, so the consumers demands something that could stimulate the ‘boring’ market. Among the high-end smartphones in 2017, we got Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and it is the least we could expect from Samsung after the problem that was encountered months ago with Note 7. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus not only will make you forget that issue, buy you will also fall in love with this new model in S series. Everything seems invented and the incremental improvements end up boring the most enthusiastic users of the smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is not as revolutionary in its way of working, as in its appearance, but its curves will dominate the mobile universe this season.

In the world of smartphones, bigger seems like one of the only options to evolve, but in the last few years we have seen that the brands have managed to put bigger screens in the same space. The most extreme case was of Mi Mix, a giant screen in a still acceptable size, but underneath have been coming much more practical options like LG G6. Now it is Samsung’s turn to improve it in this regard with Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

The most panoramic phones are not an experiment, it is the way to show more information without losing comfort of use. Achieving it at this level is in the hands of the one who creates and innovates with the components, as is the case of Samsung who seems to agree on the ideas that the phones have to be lengthened.

What Samsung really does with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is to mix all the most sounded trends successfully to go one step further. In Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, Samsung has removed the frames, given curvature to the sides and loaded the physical button on the front. In this process, Samsung does not forget to include the best components, and it is obvious that its consumers have already become accustomed to having a water resistant smartphone.


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