Can You Make a Fake High School Diploma on Your Own?

Can You Make a Fake High School Diploma on Your Own?

There are a few sites online where you can download free fake high school diploma templates. They are almost exclusively in Microsoft Word format, since most people do not own expensive design software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, nor do they know how to use them well enough to create a fake high school diploma.

The free fake high school diploma templates are not much complicated, but compared to using browser-based applications such as a fake diploma generator, you have much more wiggle room to customize. You can change the fonts and all of the wording on the diploma if you like. With fake high school diploma generators, you can only change the fields that they allow you to change.

With generators, it is a bit more limited than free fake high school diploma templates where you can change all of the text as well as design. However, these downloadable high school diploma templates are far from what you call perfection and originality. The Microsoft Word was not created to be a design program. It is meant mainly for creating written documents. It does allow you to import pictures, but they must have already been created or manipulated first in software like Photoshop or Illustrator.

It is pretty obvious there that there is going to be a huge difference between a real diploma and the free fake high school diploma template that you download. This is all due to the limitations of the software program with which the diploma is created which is MS-Word in this case. If you really want something to look realistic, you are going to have it created in a real design program if you have some experience with a design program which will give you a breakdown of everything you need to create a fake high school diploma at home, and how to make one from a scan or copy that you already have in your possession.

Most people do not have any experience in the specialized design programs which are very expensive and have an extremely long learning curve as well. So if these free fake high school diploma templates are not realistic enough you don’t know how to make one yourself, your best bet is just to hire a professional fake high school diploma generating company to do it for you. There are a few decent ones working online that have graphic designers on their payroll and who can recreate scans and have huge databases full of real diplomas and they could easily create an original looking fake high school diploma for you. On top of that, they already have all of the supplies i.e. diploma paper, seals, etc. and the professional printing equipment at their disposal.


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