Choose The Leather Conditioner According To The Type Of Leather

Choose The Leather Conditioner According To The Type Of Leather

The leather results from the tanning of the skin covering the animal’s flesh. This is prepared with different forms of preservatives for domestic as well as industrial use. This type of production is the second most important in the refrigeration industry.

Leather is classified according to its origin or treatment it goes through. This element is the raw material of diverse objects like shoes, clothing, etc. For the elaboration of the leather, a process of tanning is done, which results from separating the skin from the rest of the body of the animal and using different means to cure it. For the prolonged life of leather products, a special leather conditioner is used. Before you use a leather conditioner, it is important that you have clear idea of the kind of leather you have. In this post we will talk about a few types.


Their skins result in a very fine and very good quality leather and that is why it is destined to the making of shoes, wallets, gloves and the like of a very high value. The youngest goats makes the most sophisticated hides.


It comes from the male dairy calves that are slaughtered at the age that they provide greater quality and performance of the meat. In comparison to sheep skins, these are much finer since the follicles where the hair is produced is much smaller.


Its skin is porous but results in soft and strong leather. Once the skin is tanned, it results in a durable leather. The porosity is generated by the follicles where the hairs originate for the reason that they are very hard and thick.


Its skin has a particular feature and contains two layers. One with thick hair with little commercial value that serves against the cold and the weather, and another much thinner and more commercial value that is used to make covers, scarves, etc.


For the production of their leather, these animals are bred in captivity. It is mainly taken care that they do not stain with urine for the reason that this lowers the value of the same and they are slaughtered in winter.


These skins do not have hairs but scales that give a very attractive look to the leather. Its price is very high because its correct curing is so difficult, since they usually reach to the tanneries very damaged or excessively desiccated.

Deer, Reindeer and Similar

Their leather is used in the making of footwear, wallets, etc.


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