Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas is one of the most fun and festive times of the year, so decorate your home a few weeks before to get into the holiday spirit. Use these ideas as inspiration and adapt them to your liking to decorate on this Christmas.


Before removing decorations, decide the color scheme you want to use in your home. Consider the accents you already have as part of your decor, and choose one that matches.

If you plan to use traditional accents, green and red are always fashionable. For a more sophisticated look, add gold and silver tones. If you want a more natural look, keep the colors green, brown, beige and earth red. If the color scheme you want to use in your home does not match the colors in your home, simply remove some accents before adding the Christmas decorations for the space to look more neutral.


The Christmas tree is one of the typical Christmas decorations, but you can add a personal touch to make it look completely different than the rest. If you have time, the decorations made ​​by yourself are the ones that have more meaning, especially if your family is part of the project. Also consider using ornaments that have been in your family for years, and make this a tradition. Be creativewith other ornaments you add, not all have to be the typical colored balls. Add flowers, small toys, pine cones, ribbons and other ideas you can think of.


If you have the tradition of hanging a boot for every member of the family, this is another way you can customize your decor. Let each member choose his own boot, and do not worry if they are all completely different, because it shows the different personalities of the members of your family. Nor do you need a fireplace to hang your Christmas stockings, you can hang them on the wall above a window or door.


Do not forget to decorate the tables of your home this Christmas. Start with a red or gold tablecloth, adding a centerpiece to complete the look. You can use candles in festive colors, fruits and seasonal flowers, pine cones, tree balls with beautiful ribbons. Arrange centerpieces as you like and add your own style.

Christmas Wreath 

There is no better way to welcome your guests with a Christmas wreath on the front door. You can find different wreaths in stores to include traditional pine and red ribbons, but you can find some of all kinds and to suit your style. Some include balls, tree, Santa Claus figures or the Nutcracker. If you do not find the one you like, you can always buy one without decorations and add yours. Wreaths are not just for the outside, you Use them in your home to add a more Christmas touch to your decor.


The lights are a way in which you can add magic to your home. Use light as your tree, but implement them in other parts of your home such as a ladder or simply hand from the ceiling or wall in a hallway. If you have small children, ensure the lights are secure.

Other Decorations

In Christmas decorations, do not forget to include other typical decorations like figures of Santa Claus and the Nutcracker. If you have children, they also enjoy decorations that include figures of Santa. If you think decorating your home in a more natural way, you can add elements of nature typical of the era, including seasonal flowers, nuts, fruits, and even fake snow.


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