Clash of Clans – From Defense to Attack

Clash of Clans – From Defense to Attack

Clash of clans is one of the bossiest sensations for those who are crazy about playing MMO games. From being defense to combat, the very game is well designed to test one’s planning abilities, thinking skills and passion to accomplishments. Many others out there will only like to share tricks and cheats to make the game an easier win. This article will focus on sharing techniques and tricks to help you in mastering the game slowly but surely without teaching any cheat or foul play. These tricks are very easy to learn as well as you can easily include them in your gaming routing.

Let’s start from the tricks that will help you in defensive strategies.

At the time you build anything new in the game, you will see it highlighted. Joining all these highlighted elements together without leaving any holes will help strengthening your defense and make it far difficult for your contender to penetrate.

A little bit planning for urban is really helpful. While building villages, you should use the fundamentals of urban planning and build every property with tight spaces between them. The reason behind protecting tightly spaced lands is that they are easier to defend rather than those scattered on a larger area. Think Sense!

Include more weapons to the defense. As you move on with the game, addition of more range to collection of your weaponry will strengthen your defense and variety of weapon with different or unique abilities make you handier at the times of enemy attack.

Let’s Attack!

Although defense is important to sustain, the attacking part is the ultimate objective of the game. Make it clear if your objective is to accumulate elixir or gold or to just crush the enemy regime. The objectives as well as your strategy will keep changing through all the stages of the game. Besides all things, keeping elixir or gold storage to maximum is much important to improve the probability of winning. The easiest way is to keep attacking those villages that pile elixir and gold regularly. On every victory, your will be able to increase your gold or elixir collection.

Last Words

Taking you to medieval period, Clash of Clans is an interesting game that helps you pass time that you find free. Moreover once you have mastered the techniques and tips of playing in improved manner, you see the entertainment will also multiply. If you are playing CoC on smartphone, you might need to use Clash of Clans Hack Android for better performance.


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