Clash of Clans – Mastering the Game to Multiply the Fun Quotient

Clash of Clans – Mastering the Game to Multiply the Fun Quotient

For game enthusiasts who are fond of playing battle type games, Clash of Clans is the greatest sensation for them. From defense to combat, the game is well designed to test your abilities and skills like planning, thinking, and desire to achievement. Not like others, we don’t believe in sharing Clash of Clans cheats or tricks that scam the game and ruin the fun by making it easier to win or have edge on others. Instead, focus is to share the techniques and tips to help you mastering the game gradually without foul playing. These tactics are easy to understand and can be comfortably included in your daily game schedule.

Let us talk about Defensive Strategies First

Whenever you build or create anything new in the game, it gets highlighted. What all you need is to remember to join each and every thing highlighted together without leaving gaps. This will strengthen the defense making difficult for the enemy to breach or break through.

Plan little for Urbane. Indeed! When you are creating villages in the game, it is highly recommended to use the basics of urban planning to build tightly spaced structures. After all, the villages that are tightly spaced are far easier to protect than those scattered over a large region. That is sense, isn’t it?

Strengthen your defense with more weapons. As you go ahead in the game, ensure that you have more and more variety in your weapon collection. Despite strengthening your defense, the diverse abilities to defensive weapons are very useful when you need to withstand against enemy’s attack.

Now the Attacking Part

Actually the attacking depends on what targets, aims and goals you made in the game. Whether you want to accumulate elixir or gold, you have to change your attacking strategy in the game. The important thing to always keep in mind is upgrading your elixir and gold collection to the maximum. This will for sure improve your chance to win the game. A simple tip is to keep attacking the small villages that are pulling gold and elixir as each time you win a battle, their resources will be added into yours to increase your inventory with more elixir or gold units.

Positioned in the medieval times, Clash of Clans has many interesting options that can keep you indulged whole night and day. Moreover, once you get mastery on the tips, techniques and strategies of playing smarter, the fun quotient will for sure be increased, you can click me to have more mastery over this game.


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