Commercial and Industrial Services

Commercial and Industrial Services

Sullivan Electric Company LLC is widely recognized as a provider of highly efficient services. It company enjoys an impeccable reputation due to its goodwill and expertise accumulated over decades of leadership, commitment and adroit handling of clients’ specific needs. Sullivan Electric Company LLC offers its services in the Greater Philadelphia Metro area.

Sullivan Electric Company LLC provides diversified commercial, industrial and residential electrical services in the area of South New Jersey area. The company hires a highly efficient team of professionally qualified and experienced electricians who are able to handle all the electrical needs of individual homes and businesses.

Sullivan Electric Company LLC carries out projects of all scopes and sizes with the same level of efficiency that is expected of great service provider. It offers bonded, licensed and insured South New Jersey electricians.

Commercial Electrical Services

Sullivan Electric Company LLC possesses the skills, expertise, and the manpower required for handling the challenges posed by commercial electrical work. This work is fundamentally different from the residential work and requires higher degree of skill. The company offers its services in the following areas:

New Construction

A new construction job needs more experience than a residential work. The extent of work is also different. The company has skilled and resourceful technicians as well as the financial resources needed for ensuring the satisfactory completion of this job in a timely and efficient manner. Sullivan Electric Company LLC is licensed for this work and offers extensive experience in the field of new construction.

Cranes, Electric Motors and Machines

Sullivan Electric Company LLC is a licensed, bonded and insured electrical contractor that specializes in industrial and commercial work for more than 30 years. The company is familiar with the unique requirements of the corporate sector and is able to provide skillful trouble shooting, installation, maintenance and consultation.

Property Management

Finding the right electricians for apartments and offices is a challenge. The company brings with it extensive experience in this field.

Industrial Services

The Sullivan Electric Company is one of the innovators in the field of industrial electrics since its establishment in 1974. It can work with all sorts of equipment and manufacturing lines. The company can also able to carry out its work around the production schedule of the client so that deadlines could be met.

Building Renovations

It is a rule of thumb that while carrying out renovations or remodeling of a home or an office, an electrician with previous construction work must be hired. The company is experienced in this kind of work which will not only be time saving but also money saving for the client.

Government Electrical Services

The Sullivan Electric Company is offers solutions to the specific electrical needs of its clients. Whether it is a school, community center, NGO or a house of worship, the company is able to provide you with the best electrical solution. The Sullivan Electric Company has extensive experience in the field of healthcare construction and lighting. It has also worked for government entities including the Department of Defense and the Fire Department.


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