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Common Mistakes That You Can Commit as an Interior Designer!

Common Mistakes That You Can Commit as an Interior Designer!

Beautiful homes make you fresh and relax after a long tiring day. Interior designers are professionals who help you to design and decorate your house and turn it into a heavenly place to live in. Being an interior decorator is a tough task. You have to be creative, wise, and foresighted but sometimes even experienced professionals commit silly mistakes. So, if you are also planning to be an interior designer or adopt it as a profession or just want to do it for a hobby, avoid these mistakes which generally interior designers can make.

I am sharing common mistakes that you might make and how to fix them; this blog is part of my simple decorating tips if you want to learn more about home and decorating tips. These decorating mistakes that you might be making are the mistakes that most interior designers created in the past and kind of learned that I have a graphic design background but used basic color theory and basic design theory essentials and transferred them to your home decorating.

Ignoring the Client’s Choice

Usually, interior designers are professionals and have years of experience in decorating different types of houses. They have their own choices, taste, and insight. On the other hand, every client has its own choice. Interior designers should consider the client’s choice over their experience. Ignoring the client’s color and taste preference results in dissatisfaction with your client. So, always put the client’s preference and choice at the top while decoration.

Cluttered Decoration

It is no secret that everyone loves to have a spacious house. Cluttered decoration where the furniture is so placed that leaves no space for the doors to open swiftly or might knock your knees often, may not help. Interior designers should consider the space available in the house and then make the choice of the furniture and other accessories in the house. Again consulting your client is a must.

Excessive Bright Colors

Interior designers are appointed to decorate your houses, offices, and places but if the same can be done with some personalization, nothing could be better than that. Colors play a vital role in the decoration therefore, it is very important that the right choice of color combinations have to make. Some people like bright colors while some love light and dull colors.

Adding unnecessary or undesired brightness to the home may add excessive lighting in the house which might require your clients to use sunglasses within the house. This should be done according to the location of the house and availability of external light.

Forgetting The Ceiling

The checklist of an interior designer includes walls, furniture, curtains, and everything but what they generally miss is the ceiling. The ceiling is the part of the house and hence should also be decorated well. Whether your client prefers POP designs or others, you should consider it as part of the home and decorate it attractive.

Only Showing Off

Things or furniture placed only for showing off or to add the beauty of the house might not sound great for your client. Today people want beauty with use. Suppose a coffee table is so beautiful and tempting with different designer layers but it can’t be useful in storing old books or alike. On the other hand, a bit simpler coffee table might not look very pretty but can give you space to store things. So, while choosing the furniture or accessories in home decoration, interior designers should also think about its usage.

Hanging Your Curtains Too Low

Making your home decor is hanging your curtains low as per average height. If you can hang your curtains at a low level, it makes your ceilings shrink, and it makes your windows shrink. I have shared all about this in a couple of weeks below. I will show you how to hang your drapes properly and how you can fix this problem by changing your curtains closer to the ceiling decorating. 

Choosing the Wrong Scale of Furniture

It’s one of the major mistakes of most interior designers, the wrong scale of furniture for your space. It can make your room feel really out of proportion if you choose furniture that’s too large or too small for your area. How to fix this is to make sure that you measure your space before you want furniture for your room. You can draw a plan of your space and make little replicas of your furniture even with paper on the computer. Whatever, it works for you and put them in your area to see how they are going to fit.

Forget to Install Metal Building for Additional Storage 

A couple of people have asked for an update on the decorating project. Most interior designers make mistakes while decorating their houses. They are struggling with extra space to store additional items or old belongings. People choose metal buildings for extra storage. The metal buildings have advanced technologically, economically, and aesthetically to meet the demands of the modern design and construction environment. Most of the industry leaders say about metal building solutions like metal garages, carports, and metal sheds; These metal buildings fulfill your storage needs. metal building solutions like steel garages, steel carports, and steel sheds; These steel structures fulfill your storage needs.

Over Accessorizing 

It is something that I tend to do if you are decorating your space so that you can fix this problem. You can put out everything that you think you might want in your area, take a photo of your space, and remove what you think necessarily go with your decor or add too much clutter or add too much confusion to your space. I like taking photos of my room because, for some reason, that makes me have more of an objective perspective of my space mistake.

Hanging Your Art at The Wrong Height 

Making your home decorating is hanging your art at the wrong height. I see this is all the time. I used to do this. You want to make sure that your artwork is at gallery wall height, so basically, about five feet off the ground should be the center of the art. I often hang their art way too high or even too low, and that just kind of pays with the scale of your room. If you have it about five to five and a half feet from the floor, the center of the artwork will make you feel like it’s an excellent scale. It’s practically appealing because people can see the artwork nicely, and it’s just an excellent height for art to sit as a decorating mistake.

Home Decor is Not Investing in Timeless Neutral Pieces 

I think everybody should get some home decor basics, and all of them were in whites and neutrals. I think investing money in very neutral colors. If you are getting a large sofa, for example, or some expensive sheets getting those in a neutral color like white or off-white is going to save your money. You are going to be able to use that piece for a long time, and it’s going to match any decor trend that pops up mistakes.

Using Wrong Color Combinations

A major decorating mistake that interior designers can make. Using the wrong colors, using the colors that clash together with our colors, doesn’t work together. I covered all of this on my last blog about color theory and home decor, how to match color together, whether using a contrasting color scheme and a knowledge color scheme or just a beautiful neutral color scheme.

Decorating for Someone Else

If you are doing home decoration for someone else and not for you, so, I love following home decor trends. It’s my job. Now I am enjoying it, however, when it comes right down to it. I am decorating my home for my husband and me and my kids, and that’s what matters so no matter what the trends are, no matter what your friends are doing, no matter what the other interior designer is doing that you see on their websites. It doesn’t matter, make sure that you are decorating your home in a way that works for you in a way that works for your families. If you like purple color go ahead, use that color in your home decor whether it’s trending or not if you love a lot of comfy cozy pieces use those even if more structured pieces are trending so you get the drift right make sure that your home is your representation of you. You have to live there so decorate for you. I hope you guys found these tips will be helpful today. 


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