Common myths about log homes

Common myths about log homes

People throughout the world have very different myths about log home related to its maintenance, caring and age but if you take care of your log home properly it will remain safe for a long period of time.

Here are some myths people have about log homes.

  1. A myth which is very common among people is that log home maintenance takes a lot of time. It will not if you design your home correctly and properly. Don’t forget that tall foundation, proper landscaping and large overhangs will save you from maintenance. Log home is not a normal home there its maintenance require special attention and knowledge, if you are aware of the maintenance procedure of log home you will save yourself from maintenance headaches as log home maintenance is not a very difficult work
  2. Some people think maintenance of log home is not easy and is very complicated. It is not. You just have to clean log home regularly and keep the dust, mold and pollens away from your log home. Pay special attention to the walls of your log home as dust, pollens and molds specially attack the walls of log homes. It you think that maintenance is very difficult or you don’t have time to take care of your log home you can simply hire a cleaning or maintenance service for your log home.
  3. Some people think that molds are very big problem log homes. The truth is there is a high probability that mold will grow on a surface which has moisture. Shady trees add to the growth of molds. You just have to keep your log homes dry and clean. If you do so your log home will last for a long time.
  4. People also consider cracks in log homes a problem. But the truth there is nothing to worry about these cracks as they are the characteristics of logs. The problem occurs when these cracks are on the top side of log homes because dirt, rain and snow can accumulate from this place. The solution here is to clean the top of your log home regularly. After cleaning you just have to treat that crack with borate, stain and caulk.
  5. “all the stains are same” is a common thinking among people but it is not correct.  Each stain company has its own function and price. It depends upon the conditions of your log home. You have to select the stain which matches with the type of wood you have used, the condition and age of your log home.
  6. The main function of stain is to keep the area dry and protect it from ultra violet rays and sun damage. It is a common thinking among people that if they live in dry area they will need less staining. It is not correct your log home requires protection from sun damaged and should be kept dry where ever it is , so you are going to need stain even if you live in dry area

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