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Components of Toothpastes

Components of Toothpastes

Toothpaste seems to be very simple substance in white or some other color, but it takes many components to prepare it. In this article, you can read about all of the components used in toothpaste.

1 – Detergent
The most widely used component in tooth paste is sodium lauryl sulfate. Its function is to disperse the active agents present in the toothpaste and penetrate between the teeth to break the deposits and remains between them and eliminate them completely.

2 – Abrasives
Abrasives are substances that carry the deposits that are on the surface of the teeth. The best known ones are micronized sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate.

3 – Moisturizers

They are substances that keep toothpaste’s moisture and preventing it getting hard. These include glycerin and sorbitol.

4 – Flavoring
The flavors provide cooling sensation and taste to the toothpaste such as peppermint, menthol, strawberry, thymol, eugenol, etc.

Dyes & Preservatives
The dyes and preservatives are also very important in the production of toothpaste to give them appealing look and long life.

I – Fluorine
It is in the form of salts, such as sodium fluoride, amine fluoride or sodium monofluorophosphate. The best is the latter, given its better compatibility with abrasives containing any toothpaste and on which its cleaning action is based. It is the basic active agent to prevent caries. It must be in a concentration, except in the case of children’s toothpaste, of from 1,000 to 2,500 parts per million (ppm). At high doses can improve dental hypersensitivity.

II – Chlorhexidine
It is in the form of chlorhexidine gluconate. It is the most common antibacterial agent in dentifrices that is used to combat the formation of bacterial plaque, thus, it protects the gums. Its only problem is that it has a bitter taste that is often camouflaged with other aromatic components. Its prolonged use can cause staining of teeth and oral mucosa. However, the added zinc acetates to prevent staining.

III – Hexetidine
As the previous one, it is also used to remove plaque and it protects gums and sometimes treats periodontal disease as well. It does not stain teeth.

IV– Triclosan
It is a phenol with antibacterial and antifungal properties. Toothpastes containing it are commonly used in the presence of gingivitis and it does not produce stains on teeth.

V – Strontium Chloride & Potassium Nitrate
These active agents are used in specific toothpastes for treatment of hypersensitive teeth.

VI – Allantoin

Allantoin produces the healing action in toothpastes against disease called gingival i.e. those used in the treatment of periodontal disease.

Last Words
Toothpaste is a widely used item for cleaning teeth being a basic source of dental care. To take its maximum advantage, you must use the one which suits you.


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