Considerable Materials for the Countertops

Considerable Materials for the Countertops

The countertop is possibly the element that most marks the style of a kitchen. By investing in a new one, you will get yours to look totally renewed.

We could say that, in the market, there are almost as many types of countertops as of kitchens and bathrooms. And it is precisely this wide offer that, at times, can drive us crazy when deciding which is the one we like best or the one that best fits our needs. If you are right at this point, you should consider the factors such as durability and maintenance, plus appearance, of course. Ask yourself what you are looking for, a material resistant to blows and stains? Or one that is nice and modern? The answer to these queries will take you to the countertop that best fits your lifestyle.


Neolith countertops are very sturdy. They are resistant to the heat, scratches, stains and even the corrosive agents. They do not require sealing and are available in a wide range of colors. You can also choose the thickness, which will go from 3 to 12mm.

Stainless Steel

It is a type of material practically impermeable to heat, moisture and bacteria, which is why it is the most common in use. In addition, it is a very decorative material, ideal for kitchens of industrial aesthetics, being able to create large surfaces without joints and even integrate the sink. Its great advantage is that it is practically indestructible and very hygienic. It also has a few cons such as it is very sensitive to scratching, it is difficult to keep it clean from stains and, above all, it is expensive. It is advisable to clean it periodically with a special product that protects it and returns the brightness.


Faced with the cold aesthetics of stainless steel, the wood will give greater warmth to your place. And, moreover, it is fashionable. However, it has almost more drawbacks than advantages i.e. it cannot stand the heat, needs regular maintenance and should not get too wet, so it is not advisable in bathrooms. It is neither very expensive nor very cheap. Of course, if you settle for a wooden countertop, avoid the lacquered wood. The best thing is simply to varnish it and, over time, sand it and make it varnish it to last a few more years.


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