Considerable Points to Buy & Proper Steps to Use a Rife Machine

Considerable Points to Buy & Proper Steps to Use a Rife Machine

The Rife machine is used to kill harmful bacteria in the body with low sound intensity or ultrasound. During a session, a variety of sounds are transmitted to the body in the radio frequency range to create sympathetic resonance that vibrates the bacteria until it explodes or returns to a healthy state. The Rife machine uses either a light tube or electrode pads to deliver the sound frequencies. Many companies make Rife frequency generators that offer a wide range of electrode device options, time characteristics and frequency programming capabilities.

Rife machines emit audio frequencies or radio frequencies to a person with the intention of improving the health of the individual by ridding the body of harmful toxins. However, to obtain the maximum benefits of a regular rife machine, it is important to evaluate the different ones on the market.


Rife machines use sympathetic resonance to produce vibrations that are thought to eliminate harmful parasites, viruses and toxins from the body. These electromagnetic frequencies kill bacteria or viruses without cause.


Some Rife machines offer more frequencies to the body than others, so it is beneficial to have a machine with an indicator that tells you the quantity delivered. Other types of Rife machines are portable, making it easy to use while driving or even traveling.


Typically, it is believed that rife machines that produce analog signals in the radio frequency range to be the most effective because these signals are the most natural and have a wide range of tonal qualities.

How to use a Rife machine?

  • Check the frequency generator user manual before using the machine. Make a list of the symptoms. Include chronic and recent diseases.
  • Look for the Rife frequencies for the healing of the symptoms and write them down. Program the frequencies in the unit. Generally, run every frequency for 1 to 2 minutes. Limit your time in the unit for 5 hours a day.
  • Dress in baggy clothes. Position your body in a comfortable chair or lie down and turn off the lights. Do not eat before or during the use of the unit and keep the stomach empty. Drink water before and after the session. Remove all metal from the body if a pad unit is used.
  • Run the session. Maintain a record of how to respond to frequencies.

In case of heart disease, use of a pacemaker or if you are pregnant, you may be too sensitive to a Rife frequency generator. Consult your doctor before use.

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, an American inventor, claimed to have found a cure for terminal cancer, as well as other diseases, by means of a device he would call ‘beam ray machine’ in 1930. According to his theories, he worked by means of an induced frequency, which vibrated to the resonance of the pathogen in question. The exact information for the construction of the instruments is insufficient, so the results have never been reproduced. After the death of Rife, market got several types of devices claiming to use the same principles and cure all kinds of diseases, from acne to AIDS. Their connection to the Rife’s device could be doubtful.

There is very little reliable information about Rife’s life. It is not known with certainty what type of studies he studied, but there is a 1929 patent on a high intensity microscope lamp. He died in El Cajon (California) in August, 1970 due to an overdose of valium and alcohol.

In 1920, Rife built what he called ‘the first virus microscope’ in the world. In 1931, he claimed to have built the ‘universal microscope’. According to him, it was a type of optical microscope that had magnification of images up to 60,000 times its actual size, far superior to that of any microscope of his time.

According to Rife, he identified the spectral signature of each microbe he researched; from there, it rotated a quartz prism to focus light, of a specific wavelength on the examined microorganism. Then he selected the wavelength, which ‘vibrated or resonated’ like the ‘spectral signature’ of the microbe based on the idea that each molecule oscillated in its own distinctive frequency, in other words, like a drop of water, or a frost of snow, or fingerprints, which are never repeated, so the molecules or microbes, have a unique spectral signature.

The atoms that make up a molecule remain together in their molecular configuration with a covalent bond energy which emits and absorbs energy in its own specific electromagnetic frequency. There are not two kinds of molecules that have the same spectral signature or electromagnetic oscillation.

As a result, invisible microorganism to white light can become visible with a bright flash of light, when exposed to the frequency which resonates with spectroscopic signature. This way, Rife could see the invisible microscopic ones. He said that about 80% of the organisms he observed can be visible with ultraviolet or polarized light, which is outside humans’ visible spectrum. In 1934, Dr. Rife claimed to have cured terminal cancer in 16 people, of whom 14 recovered in just three months, and the remaining 2 in six months using Rife machine.


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