Cordless Vacuums by Dyson – A Perfect Choice

Cordless Vacuums by Dyson – A Perfect Choice

Cordless Vacuums by Dyson have a great story behind. The man behind the creation of cordless vacuum cleaners is James Dyson who has always been a very innovative man to experiment and invent new things which are practically useful for people. His first product, a curious sea truck, came into being in 1970 when he was studying at the British Royal College of Art. In 1991, he created the Dyson Company, which earned two hundred million pounds in England alone last year with the popular Cyclone vacuum cleaners in the UK’s market.

Dyson is always accompanied by his vacuum cleaners in yellow, purple and gray colors. Discarding the romantic idea of ​​frustrated inventor and confesses that his success is because his product is useful and convenient is use. He likes to be considered as an entrepreneur in spite of his company’s growth at a rate of thirty percent.

The Birth of Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

You know how easy it is to use a cordless vacuum cleaner.

Dyson tells the story as while cleaning his house on a Saturday morning twenty years ago, he had an idea that was at the root of what today is a company present in more than ten countries. Dyson thought about creating an innovative vacuum cleaner. After five years and 5500 prototypes, Cyclone was born with a futuristic look. He had to see adverse issues which he mentioned in his autobiography.

Indebted to the limit and with a mortgage on home, Dyson as an inventor-entrepreneur did not sell his technology to a small Japanese factory after being rejected by the majors.

The biggest problem he faced was the competition as he was up against Philips, Electrolux, Siemens but he had confidence because his product was the best one among the competitors. Dyson was highly convinced that the key to business success is based solely on the quality of product.

In 1986, Dyson got involved in a lawsuit after a North American company claimed that Cyclone was a complete disaster. The process took him five years. In 1991 and was surrounded by a team of six engineers and Dyson Vacuum Cleaners began the production of its product and now the company has more than 1300 employees working.

Dyson says he is just a designer who designs his products to manufacture them in the best possible way. James Dyson, aged 51, is one of the richest men in England with ever growing assets and company.

Dyson’s aim is not to make more and more money to be rich but to be able to invest for the new inventions and serve come with handier products and he literally spend his earnings in research and development and he keeps encouraging his engineers to plan new products.

Dyson is certainly a great man and no wonder why his creations have been considered the most powerful ones such as cordless vacuum cleaners that revolutionized the market.

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