Decorative Epoxy Floor Coatings to Give the Floor Finish You Want

Decorative Epoxy Floor Coatings to Give the Floor Finish You Want

The decorative epoxy floor is a coating system for concrete floors, granite, metal or wood. Epoxy polymers are composed of 100% solids and aggregates of quartz, granite or marble and provide high wear resistance, durability and adhesion to all surfaces.

After successful applications in industries, decorative epoxy floor are being used for both indoor and outdoor household use. It can be applied to virtually any room in the house in light traffic areas. Its surface structure can be smooth, semi-smooth or slip. The final finish of decorative epoxy floor is colorful in pigmented quartz, which allows to play with the aesthetics of the area.

Types of Decorative Epoxy Floor

Epoxy Floor Reflector

It is the newest and the latest technology of decorative epoxy floor system in the world. It consists of an epoxy coating with specialized pigments that give a sense of depth and contrast with high-gloss finish. It is ideal for use in restaurants, shops, reception areas and malls.

Epoxy Floor with Decorative Flakes

It is an epoxy coating with decorative flakes dusting of specialized material. It is used in shops, malls, parking, among others. They do not have pores and the surface is quick cleaning and high resistance to abrasion.

Epoxy Floor with Quartz

It is a system that combines decorative color quartz sands with epoxy floor system. Quartz granules are fully dispersed in the epoxy floor system and is then applied to the surface for a clear coat to complete.

The system of decorative epoxy quartz floor is a decorative and durable system having good chemical and abrasion resistance. This is ideal for wetland soils.

Floor Colored with Acid

It allows you to add life and style to any pattern or texture desired. It can be used to change the appearance of an existing concrete floor and to make repairs on floors that have lost their wear characteristics for use. It is ideal for shops, offices, shopping malls, residences, among others.

Low Floor Thickness Pattern

It is a hybrid polymer floor finished with stamped surface of 1/4 inch thick. It is the successor or replacement of the traditional pattern and brings more beauty through unique appearance, strength and durability. It allows to completely change the image of your business or residence without having to demolish your old floor. It is used in parking lots, entrances, terraces, patios, pool areas, sidewalks, among others.

Micro Textured Floor Layer

It is based on hybrid polymers ultrathin thickness and allows to give textures and colors to obtain floors with shapes and patterns as bricks and natural rocks. It can be used in indoor and outdoor areas.


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