Differences between Marble & Granite and how to use seal Granite Surfaces

Differences between Marble & Granite and how to use seal Granite Surfaces

Granite is a natural product of crystallized rock composed of calcium carbonate that is usually used inside the houses for decorative purposes and mainly for covering of public buildings to the point of replacing the marble as material of monuments, since it is much more durable, also usually presented with a polished finish with a glossy surface reflecting light.

Granite is very popular for kitchen counters due to its high durability and aesthetic qualities. The granite finishes should be treated in the proper way for longer use. Many people confuse granite with marble, but they are different stones. If you want to know how to maintain and clean your granite floors and since they have so many similarities, here I will explain some aspects that relate and differentiate marble and granite.

Differences between Marble & Granite

  • Both are natural and expensive stones, given their difficult extraction and costly distribution and installation, in addition to their great weight.
  • By their natural character, both can have variations in the color and pattern and they also come in many colors.
  • The experts agree that the marble and granite require a sealing that must be reinforced every year. The main purpose of sealing is to provide protection to the granite surface itself.
  • Both can be easily stained with oils and fats, in addition to foods with a lot of color or pigment.
  • The cost of granite is greater than that of marble because of its resistance.
  • Granite is resistant to acids like tomato juice, lemon juice or vinegar and the marble is not. In fact, it is recommended to use the granite for the areas of greater use, since the marble will last less and it requires greater maintenance.
  • The cracks and scratches in the marble are noticed more easily while the granite has a mottled pattern that hides the stains better and is, therefore, ideal for a more rustic use.
  • Marble is colder than granite, so it is ideal for warm climates.

There are some suggestions for maintenance of surfaces of granite. The main requirements and care must be taken to maintain granite floors and surfaces in general. As I mentioned at the outset, given the porous nature of the material, it is necessary that a granite sealer is used for its sealing and you can buy one at thereviewgurus.com with discounted prices. It is mandatory before starting to use to fill the gaps correctly, so that the dirt does not penetrate in the pores making it easier to clean. It must be done before use with the piece being completely clean.


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