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Different Ways You Can Access Blocked YouTube

Different Ways You Can Access Blocked YouTube

The ban on YouTube in several countries such asGermany,Pakistan, Libya,North Korea,Brazil, Turkey, Thailand, Turkmenistan, China, andIran, has prolonged and has not yet been lifted fully. This prolonged ban has affected many people adversely who are now unable to get help through videos in their daily lives. To assist people in accessing YouTube and helping them to access this banned site many websites are created which act as a proxy server for the client and thus give you the access to the fully accessible YouTube.

First let’s understand what exactly is a proxy server or a proxy website. A proxy server acts as a middle man or as an intermediary for those clients who are unable to access blocked websites. A client connects to the proxy server, and requests the access of a blocked website such as YouTube. The proxy server in returns makes the client as a part of proxy server by evaluating its request and letting the client access YouTube. This is an easy, short and less time consuming way to access YouTube rather than by the help of software.

As the problem of YouTube ban continues to exist, many websites have started becoming proxy servers for clients. A few of the very important ones are listed as follows. The following list of top 25 proxy servers of 2016 helps clients in accessing YouTube as well as many other blocked sites too.

1. HideOnline Proxy –

2. Renew proxy –

3. Best fast proxy –

4. Free YouTube unblock proxy –

5. YouTube Unlocked free Proxy –

6. This website is especially designed for Pakistani users – www.ytpak.copm

7.  One fast Proxy Server –

8. Unblock YouTube Pakistan Proxy- (This website is especially designed for Pakistani users)

9.  Speed Proxy-

10. You Server –

11. Proxxxy-

12. Unblock YouTube School –

13. The BestYoutube Proxy 2016 –

14. Proxy –

15. Best fast video Proxy

16. Home based Proxy

17. Best working proxy (This server is available in only a few countries)

18. ViewTube proxy –

19. Proxy all videos – (This website is especially designed for Pakistani users)

20. A web Proxy USA –

21. YouTube Proxy Pakistan – website is especially designed for Pakistani users)

22. Web Proxy – website is especially designed for Pakistani users)

23. Free Unblocker- (This website is especially designed for Pakistani users)

24. All Videos Unblocker YouTube and DailyMotion –

25. PK Proxy – website is especially designed for Pakistani users)

There are many other websites too which act as a proxy server. However, this list is the one that is most used by people and gives an error-less and immediate response to the clients. Thus these are the few sites and means of accessing YouTube through proxies. Nonetheless, there are many other ways to unblock YouTube too.

If you are still not satisfied, you can easily unblock YouTube here.

Office administrations always prefer to block YouTube in workplaces to avoid distraction and diversion. The workplaces demand concentration and attention on work in working hours. YouTube is platform for many people all over the world because it contains many videos whether it is from entertainment industry, educational fields or related to business etc. The videos are from common to professional videos uploaded by a common man to a professional for sake of providing information on various topics.

The administrators block YouTube in offices because they think it waste of time. The hectic work of a day always needs some relaxation which proof mental relief for employees.  So, they can open YouTube on which they can view different videos even if they are related to work. But it draws their attention consequently their concentration span decreases. However, an individual can employ different methods to unblock YouTube by using proxy settings.

1 – Unblock YouTube through VPN Server

VPN settings has important role to unblock the YouTube because it joins your system with its private networks and provide you access to YouTube through the server. It is abbreviation of virtual private network and when, you join your system to their private network through which you can send and receive data. The restriction can be crossed by using different proxy sites on internet and the VPN is most important server for this. The proxy sites which open or unblock YouTube for us basically provide us free VPN Services. Hotspot shield, private tunnel, express VPN and surfing tunnel are highly voted free VPN services where the YouTube can be open without any software.

2 – Web Based Proxy Websites

However, there are web-based proxy servers like,, and etc. These web based proxy settings work mediator because it uses your IP address and connect it with their servers instead of directly connecting to the blocked website. These work same as VPN server but their speed can be slow but mostly they provide access to blocked site securely within good speed.  So explore these proxies one by one and figure out which one to use to unblock YouTube videos by you.

3 – Use of Browser add-ons

Sometimes even accessing to the VPN services, you cannot open YouTube because it has browser add-ons known as ActiveX controls, toolbars or browser extensions because it cause your computer stop responding the content you do not want to add like pop-up ads. Similarly, these can be use to block YouTube so disabling these add-ons you can unblock the website. You can also access these blocked YouTube website by browsing through multiple servers in multiple countries and because of that, it has a special advantage over other online proxies. An example would be a person living outside Pakistan tries to watch a YouTube video that is restricted only to people within Pakistan. He can watch using this proxy, and YouTube will assume that the connection is coming from whatever country that particular proxy server is located in. So YouTube can be unblock in workplaces and offices using these methods.

By the use of the YouTube proxy, you can use the site anywhere you want, and enjoy the content.


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