Discover Home Teeth Whitening Products

Discover Home Teeth Whitening Products

People with clean and whiter teeth do not use more toothpaste, in fact, many people have oral care provisions to not look anything like what television tells us, and/or change it, thanks to have a white and flawless teeth.

Food should be rich in fiber, free of sugar and acids and should not be very hot and must be abundant in raw or almost raw vegetables and water.

Under these guidelines, you can remain in good condition of your dental health and white shiny teeth.

To keep your white teeth, you cannot follow the culinary traditions of an Indian tribe or committed diets with a comprehensive health such as macrobiotic, but surely you can follow these tips to whiten your teeth with home remedies, which in many cases have a higher chemicals of market success, and they are less abrasive to your teeth, resulting in the teeth that not only look better, but also are better for long term.

Lemon and Baking Soda

The baking soda mixed with lemon is the perfect dental bleach. Both have very alkaline components, so they fight the acidity of foods and remove food leftover and microorganisms that thrive in acidic environment.

Baking also has a molecular structure that gently polishes the surface of the teeth without damaging the enamel, whenever used sparingly. The result will be a natural and gradual teeth whitening being a substitute for your homemade toothpaste.

Activated Carbon Capsules

Activated carbon is a highly absorbent substance that can be purchased at pharmacies and drugstores. Contrary to what one might think, it is not toxic because the body cannot digest it.

In fact, if we eat this activated carbon, it can help cleanse the stomach and intestine of toxic waste and can also interfere with the absorption of nutrients.

Coal affect the pH of your mouth making it antiseptic. By rubbing gently with a damp brush, you can dissolve substances that stain your teeth.


Parsley is an antibiotic herb and if you chew raw, it helps neutralize and prevents many foods that cause tooth staining. It is excellent to fight bad breath when results from the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth. There is limited support for tooth whitening, but a good alternative immediately after ingesting substances that stain teeth for example, after drinking coffee or eating tobacco.

Banana Peel

Salicylates present in banana peel help whiten teeth. While the shell is more mature, it contains more salicylates and will help even more. You must rub against them for a couple of minutes and avoid rinsing immediately. If you find that the banana peel has an unpleasant taste, there are other fruits that serve similar purposes such as strawberries and kiwis. It includes a dessert of fresh fruit after the meal and oppose the effects of the food to keep your mouth cleaner and have the desired effect of teeth whitening.

Beer Yeast

Brewer’s yeast has a similar effect of sodium bicarbonate. This reduces the bleaching effect but it is enamel safe. Mix a quarter cup of yeast with a spoonful of ground sea salt and clean your teeth with it. In addition to teeth whitening, yeast nutrition works with your gums and it is excellent for the body.


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