Discover How Louis Vuitton Managed To Be Famous!

Discover How Louis Vuitton Managed To Be Famous!

Louis Vuitton was born in 1821 in Anchay, near Jura Mountains. At the age of 14, he became interested in Paris, and came walking to this city in year 1837, a city that was already emerging in the metropolis.

His initial journey was an impetus for 1851 to draw a goal and observe an event, The Architectural Renewal in France which allowed the opulence of women’s fashion, reached the travel accessories. The women of the bourgeoisie, when traveling, had to wear their expensive silk dresses, in large packages made by a specialist, Mr. Maréchal, and Louis Vuitton was at that time his apprentice.

Two years later, he designed leather goods for Empress Eugenie de Montijo from France, who made lots of pieces designed to carry jewelry, as well as her lingerie and hats.

The Ismail Pasha of Egypt, Grand Duke Nicholas, who was later the last Czar of Russia and for whom Vuitton designed a set of 25 identical trunks, to King Alfonso XII of Spain.

Already in those epochs began the first plagiaries, their articles began to copy. The Gray Canvas that Vuitton had called “Gray Trianon”, began to be seen in Paris.  For latest products, visit

The company immediately replaced it with another one and in 1888 Georges Vuitton decided to engrave in the pieces the name of ‘L. Vuitton deposée’, becoming the first mark to take its label in the exterior of the product.

The monogram that we know today with the initials LV came out in the year 1896, and its luggage products and travel bags with locks that Georges invented and, which supposedly nobody could open, began to be sold in USA and the rest of the world.

Vuitton is impregnated with avant-garde Art Nouveau and creates its collections innovating in the use of raw materials like silk-colored bishop, brown crocodile skin, green snakes, shark or Moroccan red leather.

So much demand led to the opening of its first store in one of the renowned streets of Baron Haussmann. In 1914, he opened the first shop on Champs Elysees and has since opened many boutiques around the world, including in Moscow and Shanghai.

The arrival in 1998 of Marc Jacobs as artistic director injected new energy to the company, and it began to make shoes and a clothing line.

Louis Vuitton died in 1892, more than a hundred years after his death, the signature that bears his name is still alive. Today, it is owned by LVMH and its Executive President was nothing more and nothing less than the own Pope of Fashion, Bernard Arnault.


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