Discover Importance of Photography Contract How to Start a Photography Business!

Discover Importance of Photography Contract How to Start a Photography Business!

While you are making the transition from an amateur photographer to a professional photographer, it is very easy that you may overlook the legal aspects of the photography business. However, if you are already charging money for your photographic work, it is important that you legally protect yourself on the basis of a contract. Today, I will go over some of the elements and considerations that you must have in your photography contract, so that you can start your own professional photography business in the right and bright way.

A few years ago, in my early days as a professional photographer, a prestigious university in the United States requested my services to do the photographic work of one of its events here on the island. It was time to make the first photography contract, so I consulted my fellow photographers about what my contract should contain. I made a choice of them and created what I thought was a good contract. The agreement was a fixed amount for the coverage of the event. The day came and I went to do my work. I made my lighting fixed. People began to arrive and I did the typical and informal photos of the beginning, then followed the ceremony, speech after speech, then dinner and beverages. I was there for about 10 hours. I did not expect the event to go so far. Then I remembered from my childhood that my father hired the musicians and they charged for a period of time and if you wanted to enjoy a little more of their music, always the customer was clear that there was an additional cost for extra time.

The following year the university rehired me. This time I added a new clause to the contract. The agreement was for a fixed amount for the coverage of the event up to 6 hours, from there to $180 more per hour. The customer retained me for 7 hours which meant for me the total amount plus $180 extra for the additional hour. Do you not think it is a better deal?

The material below to start a photography business should be taken as a general suggestion and is not intended to be in any way legal advice or substitute for the consultation of a legal professional. It is only intended to provide you with ideas and considerations that you should have when making a contract for photography. You must always present the contract and consult a legal professional. With this tips, let’s see how you can start your own photography business.

How To Start A Photography Business?

The fact that you own a camera does not mean that you are a photographer. To be professional photographer, there are many things you have do so as to stand in the crowd. So before starting your photography business, let’s consider a few steps before you begin.

Decide what type of photographer you are going to be!

Before getting started, you need to have a clear direction of what you want from your photography business. Do you want to make money or make people happy? There are a lot of questions that you need to ask yourself. Are you going to be strictly an artist or will you be working at corporate or wedding photography events?

Define Your Style

Once you have decided what type of photographer you want to be, be sure to define your style. Anyone can take a nice photo. Are you going to be creative in your angles and have a vintage style? Decide the style that defines you and your business.

Get the Equipment

Here comes the most expensive part. Cameras are not cheap. Decide which camera is best for your business and buy two. Always carry a security camera with you. You never know when you may need it. Consider camera bags, lighting equipment, lenses and different cleaning products.

Make a Presence Mark

Now what you need for your photos is a name that will add value. Create a brand that is unforgettable and reliable and put it online. Build a blog, Twitter account and a Facebook page and update frequently and interact with your followers.

Build a Photo Album of Your Work

Here comes the fun part. Put all your jobs in one place online. You want people to be interested in your work and to be able to find your masterpiece in one place, so gather about 30 of your best photos in an album.

Get Right Documentation

Make sure all paperwork is in order. When photographing your models, sign a form and you declare that they agree with the images that are posted and used for different purposes on websites, etc.

I hope you have got a clear picture of how to start a photography business and you will surely have a great career in the field.


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