Discover Jewels Valued up to $7500 in Jewelry Candles by Jewel Scent!

Discover Jewels Valued up to $7500 in Jewelry Candles by Jewel Scent!

At Jewel Scent, they produce unique and high quality aromatic jewelry candles, each of which hides a ring with a jewel ranging the worth from 10 to 100 dollars in general whereas the maximum worth may reach 7500 dollars. It is totally guaranteed that each jewelry candle contains a precious jewel inside. Each jewel is hidden in the scented wax of the Jewel Scent’s jewelry candles and it protrudes to the surface after the candle has been consumed for about 10 to 15 hours.

Here is a brief description of how you can extract your jewel in the best way from jewelry candles of Jewel Scent.

After you have lit the candle and enjoyed its fantastic aroma for a few hours, your Jewel begins to free itself from the wax and it comes out slowly to the surface. The jewel is packed in a heat resistant film to protect it from wax, heat or flame of the candle.

It is advised that you wait before removing the jewel until you can do it without applying much force to pull it out. You have to pull it out when you can fully see the aluminum package that houses the piece of jewel found in your jewelry candle. You must be very careful and in any case have some kitchen paper at your fingertips to clean the excess wax.

When the aluminum package has cooled down and you can touch it without the risk of hurting your hands, you can open it without any problem. Inside the package you will find a ziplock bag in which your jewel is kept. Now you have your beautiful jewel in your hands to enjoy it.

The wait is really worth it. The beautiful ring with a jewel is yours now. Just for your information, in each jewel there is a label found on which the material of which it is made and a code to find out the worth are mentioned. Whenever you want to know the price of it, you can visit the official website of Jewel Scent and enter the code in appraisal form and hit the ‘Appraise’ button and you will come to know exact value of your ring.

The combination of beautiful aromatic jewelry candles with an incredible surprise and the curiosity to discover what jewel you will find each time make it an incomparable experience. Lighting a candle has never been such an interesting experience before. At Jewel Scent, you can choose from a variety of wonderful aromas and jewelry. You can enjoy the charming scent of cotton candy, creamy vanilla or juicy melons and discover the hidden gem.

Many projects have been undertaken throughout history which were born out of a need. In some cases, the need is basic such as if you are cold, you need a good coat. Other times, when we already have the basic needs, it appears less vital. Understanding that you will not die if you do not meet that particular need, but it can make your life more enjoyable. A similar thing happened with David who is now the creator and owner of Diamond Candles, a company offering the best ring candles on the market.

David bought an engagement ring to give his fiancée, Brenda. When it came to gift wrap the ring, it was the point where David’s innovation really worked. He thought what the favorite thing was of Brenda and the answer was aromatic candles. So David stuffed the ring into a candle and gave it to Brenda and it was also the moment of the birth of Diamond Candles.

Today, Diamond Candles is a big business and many other brands have entered the market of the best ring candles. It is obvious that Diamond Candles sells the best ring candles with diamonds inside. You will not know if the diamond inside the ring candle costs between 10 and 20 dollars or costs more than 5000 dollars until the ring candle melts to the point where diamond is hidden. To find the surprise, you need to wait for a few hours, so that the wax of the ring candle can be consumed and you discover your surprise.

As you may have guessed or might have experienced by now with a few ring candles, most of them contain low-priced diamonds rings while the ring of diamond worth $5,000 is rare. Of course, David and Brenda are not running a social welfare organization but doing this business to gain monetary benefits for themselves, though, the advertising of the best ring candles is almost always focused on the fact that you can get a diamond ring of worth $5000, but as I said, they are not running a social welfare organization.

The best ring candles cost about $25 on average and always come with a surprise inside. There are ring candles with a lot of different themes such as friendship and love. You can also get many fragrances of fruits and flowers such as rose, grapefruit, pumpkin, apple, hazelnut, maple, orange and many others.


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