Discover The Netflix Seasons Cool Tshirt Collection

Discover The Netflix Seasons Cool Tshirt Collection

The appearance of Netflix in our lives has marked a before and after to watch series. The originality and quality of its series are brand of the house, and there are for all tastes i.e. comedy, science fiction, thriller, action and many more genres.

We have prepared a list of the cool tshirts from Netflix series that summarize the wide variety of options offered by the popular platform. There are some that you already know like Stranger Things or Narcos, and others slightly unknown and we recommend without any hesitation, as Master of None or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

1 – 13 Reasons Why Tshirts

It is probably the series that has given more to talk about this year, with a subject as delicate as teenage bullying, told in an original way and with scenes that are etched in the retina. Wearing its cool tshirt will surely be quite cool.

2 – Stranger Things Tshirts

The multiple homages to mythical films of the 80s and intriguing plot in the equal parts have turned Stranger Things into one of the most acclaimed series of the year. Its fans look forward to the new season with a lively yearning as soon as one ends and they definitely like love to wear cool tshirt collection of Stranger Things.

3 – Master of None Tshirts

The original comedy of Master of None fits to speak from a humorous and sarcastic tone on issues such as immigration, relationships or gender roles in the twenty-first century.

4 – Black Mirror Tshirts

A series almost unique in its kind, provocative and disturbing in equal parts that does not leave anyone indifferent. Black Mirror mixes science fiction and social criticism, being one of the most acclaimed of Netflix since its inception.

5 – Narcos Tshirts

The gruesome life of drug trafficker Pablo Escobar has caught millions of spectators with Narcos. Its boom and fall has lasted two fast seasons, and we are waiting to see how the third installment continues.

6 – The OA Tshirts

The controversy The OA has not convinced the public, possibly because it is a strange series and still full of holes to fill, which has left us quite confused to most. Even so, we wait for the next season to decide whether we love it or not.

7 – Fuller House Tshirts

Fuller House is the sequel to the popular series Forced Priests, issued in Spain back in the late 80s, and now it has comes in female version on Netflix.

All these seasons make a cool tshirt collection for the lovers of Netflix seasons.


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