Discover Vital Information about the Original Rife Machine

Discover Vital Information about the Original Rife Machine

Rife therapy is a drug-free alternative to traditional medical treatment that uses electromagnetic pulses to destroy viruses, bacteria and other diseased organisms. Although there is little scientific evidence for its success, Rife therapy is popular because it is non-invasive and treats more than 285 different conditions. You can assemble and program the rife machine to manage the treatment in the comfort of your own home.

The original rife machine was built by Dr. Raymond Rife, an inventor in San Diego, who claimed to have built a machine that could destroy bacteria that cause diseases, viruses and fungi with electronic frequencies. Dr. Royal Rife presented for the first time his electronic microscope device for attention to the public in the 1930s, with which, according to him, it was be able to see the pathogens.


The first original Rife machines were designed to see pathogenic organisms by illuminating them with frequencies of light that matched their own and caused them to vibrate.

Rife claimed to cause organisms to split or die if he turned to the intensity of the frequencies, which led him to start experimenting with machines designed to produce electronic frequencies designed to concentrate microscopic organisms.


In an interview with the Raymond Rife in 1960, Rife claimed that his machine could kill the organisms responsible for tetanus, typhoid, pneumonia, tuberculosis, carcinoma and many other conditions.


Rife’s claims about his machine have never been independently verified and a recent resurgence in the use of Rife machines has become controversial. In 1997, a woman was sued for giving Rife machine treatments to cancer patients and was fined $ 50,000.

Usage Instructions

  • Decide which area of the body requires treatment. If the area is above the diaphragm, use the hand electrodes and if it is below the diaphragm, use the foot electrodes.
  • Plug one end of each of the cables into the selected electrodes and the other end into the Rife machine.
  • Select a per-programmed treatment from the instruction book and note the program number.
  • Turn the intensity control on the left. Plug the adapter into the machine and connect it to a power source.
  • Turn on the machine and wait until ‘ready’ appears on the display panel.
  • Press the ‘auto’ button and enter the selected program number. Press the ‘Execute’ button to activate the treatment.
  • Hold the hand electrodes or place the foot straps in position. Turn the intensity control gradually until you feel a tingling sensation. Sit still in a vertical position until the treatment is over.
  • Turn off the machine, carefully unplug the electrodes and put the equipment back in the bag.

The rife frequency generator or Royal Rife machines of today are initially based on the work of Dr. Royal Rife. These machines transmit an electo-magnetic frequency that is capable of killing all the bacteria, viruses and pathogens without damaging the surrounding tissues. Many are used today throughout Europe and the United States of America. Today’s most advanced rife machines are still based on the same technology, but some have been improved with other things as well.

In the mid-1930s, Dr. Royal Rife created the first Rife microscope that remains one of the most powerful microscopes in the world. Then it was discovered that each organism has its own unique electromagnetic oscillation pattern (vibration energy), and when a person becomes ill, that pattern changes. Dr. Rife discovered that, by exposing disease organisms and cells in a modified form, specific to their own energy frequency (oscillation), they could be destroyed, leaving the healthy cells intact.

The newer rife frequency generator have amazing capabilities far beyond what Dr. Royal Rife originally created. The F-117 is like a machine. This system is the only one in the world that has built-in scanning capabilities.

The matrix of the standing plate motives energy, as it leaves the body by taking advantage of it and then it reflects again, creating a secondary energy field-impact. This in turn dramatically increases the conductivity of the body, which will result in an amplification of the Rife frequency being used and allow shorter sessions with greater impact.

The function of all the new and better rife frequency generator is the eradication of any disease that a person has from their body. The rife machines are also designed to increase the choice of disease frequency, shorten the length of time for each session and increase the effectiveness of each session.

The benefits of using Rife machines and any new technology in the field of energy medicine are enormous. When you are choosing to see a practitioner who uses Rife machines or energy medicine practices, or decide to purchase of your own rife frequency generator, your health will improve drastically over time. By using a rife frequency generator for a specific disease, a person can cure on his/her own of the disease he/she has been suffering from. The effectiveness of rife frequency generator has already been proven by the results shared by thousands of people. If you want to take control of the healing process of diseases, it is highly recommended.


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