Do I Get Samsung S8 Plus or Apple iPhone X?

Do I Get Samsung S8 Plus or Apple iPhone X?

Apple iPhone X

iPhone X is the latest sensation in the market and the lovers of new technologies in smartphones for the reason that it was just released in November, 2017.

iPhone X has advanced features as compared to its predecessors and is doing well among the users. Samsung Galaxy S8 gave some tough time to iPhone 8 in 2017, but with iPhone X, it seems to claim its position back.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Released in 2017 in the end of April, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus gave very tough competition to the iPhone 8. It has significant features that are totally not present in the iPhone 8. This is great news for high tech fans that keep looking for the best features that are available in a smart phone and believe it or not, this time Samsung has outdone Apple based on the features that the new Galaxy S8 plus offers.

The Galaxy S7 had a flat screen and S7 edge had a dual-edge curved screen. What S8 Plus offers is a fairly larger curved screen than the S7 edge. The screen of S8 plus is 6.2 inches as compared to the S7 edge which is 5.5 inches. The dual-edge curved screen gives it a classy stylish look.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 plus provides its users with the option of having a complete computing experience by allowing them to connect the smart phone with peripherals and a monitor to use the Windows options on their smart phones.

By far this is the first smart phone that is being released with the powered Snapdragon 835 chipset. Its sibling Galaxy S8 will also contain the same chipset as they release in the U.S and China. In other countries the available models will have the Exynos 8895 chipset variants.

The Snapdragon 835 chipset provides by all means the abilities to this smart phone to be called a beast of the smart phone world. It is the best for an exciting gaming experience. Fast charging is what takes this smart phone another level up. These features are by far not present in the iPhone 8 which makes s8 plus a beast in the true sense.

Unlike the upcoming iPhone 8, the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus promises to offer external storage that is upto 2TB. By far this is the maximum storage any microSD can offer. The microSD slot in the smart phone supports a card of 256GB and therefore is thumbs up! No comparison whatsoever with the iPhone 8 can dim the awesomeness of this smart phone.

The finger print scan was already present in the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. On the Galaxy S8 plus it is present on the rear at the side of the camera. Where users will definitely always opt for a device that will keep their data safe, an additional feature is the iris scanner that is so far not present in the iPhone 8 that is being launched in September this year. With face detection abilities as well this smart phone is all set to give serious competition to the Apple smart phones and emerge as a definite winner.


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