Do Wi-Fi Hacker Work?

Do Wi-Fi Hacker Work?

Wi-Fi hacking has the meaning to crack the system which based on wireless internet connection commonly known as WiFi network. Nowadays internet or WiFi become our basic need, so you’ll find hotspot of WiFi almost everywhere. So, hacker who wants to use free WiFi, so they don’t seek open WiFi connection or asked about password, they just hack the system and enjoy completely free WiFi until they want to use it.

For some persons, hacking or WiFi hacking is not believable thing but just a myth. They actually want to hack WiFi password, but don’t know about the strategy and real method of hacking WiFi. People asked about do WiFi hacker works really? Its answer isn’t clear because one mistake can cause of your failure and you’ll blame that it won’t work. So, many conditions make it possible to work.

Every Wi-Fi network is based on the standard of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering IEEE 802.11. This standard is depends on infrastructure network or hoc network. Network which connect nodes to wire with one or more access point is called infrastructure network. 

Hacker can easily those WiFi networks which are weak or poor to any side. This type of weakness called vulnerabilities and you’ll find two types of vulnerabilities of hacking WiFi password. You’ll find two basic types of vulnerabilities of WiFi network, one is poor configuration and another is poor or weak encryption. In poor configuration, network admin isn’t maintain configuration setting or depend on default setting or put a weak password. And when there is poor or weak encryption system or settings are maintained in WiFi network, it called weak encryption. Hacker can easily hack systems which has this type of vulnerabilities.

Encryption is refer to security protocol which based in WiFi network. Hacker has to know about that which type of encryption WiFi network has. This is first need of hacking, either admin carry WEP pr WPA1 or WPA2. WEP or Wired Equivalent Privacy encryption is much easy to hack as compared to others which deploying 64 to 128 bit volume. WiFi Protected Access or WPA1/WPA2 is an encryption which is using Advanced Encryption Standard and it’s most developed and strong encryption.

If you’re thinking that this is much tricky task and you can’t do that it means you can’t do that actually. If you want to get success of hacking WiFi password, you should first know about suitable method of hacking WiFi and its complete tools. There are many tools of hacking WiFi password are available on many sites. You can search them and choose one suitable for you. For Aircrack, Kismet or Wireshark hacking tool which are famous to attack on network traffic and recover password.

You also need to get Wireless card, GPS receiver and power inverter to hack a system. Before practically apply it, you should practice many times specially on weak encryptions. Remember one thing in your mind that your failure isn’t means WiFi hacker doesn’t work, it means you do any mistake or there is any problem in system, or maybe you don’t install any efficient hacking tool for WiFi password.

Yeah this is really work of you know about trick of hacking WiFi password even if WiFi has strong password and router also. Many people are so expert that they can crack WiFi password in less than two minutes. Nowadays people can hack WiFi password even through their smartphone by downloading android hacking tool. If one tool isn’t work for it, you can download thecombination of two or more tools. Remember that if you know operating computer, then you can easily wifi hack password. You just need to get knowledge and right tools for this purpose.


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