Does Co-Sleeping Really Have Benefits?

Does Co-Sleeping Really Have Benefits?

Sleeping with the children, what we call co sleeping, is an option that has many advantages, and many of them contradict the criticism of this practice, increasingly widespread in Western societies, common in other cultures and has been the way that children have slept since the beginning of the history of humanity. Overall, there are many benefit of co sleeping and here we will talk about a few of those benefits.

The practice of co sleeping facilitates breastfeeding and nocturnal feeding. Breastfeeding is a natural process that is optimal when produced on demand, and it is the baby’s sucking which regulates the production and helps maintain a proper relationship of the available supply of milk. There will be more suction and more milk if there are no medical or postural inconveniences.

Babies, moreover, need to nurse at night to maintain not only a correct and adequate production to their needs, but also the adequate intake of nutrients and amount of milk ingested and uninterrupted breastfeeding habits. During the first few months, in addition, not meeting their need for food can produce nocturnal hypoglycemia.

Breastfeeding is simple overnight if the baby is next to the mother. You will simply have to bring the baby close to your chest if he/she is small and, later on, he/she himself will approach the breast and suckle what he/she needs.

The mother hardly needs to wake up and she will be able to recover the sleep immediately and they will have less number of awakenings in the dead of night because of the baby.

If the baby is not breastfed, co sleeping still benefits in the nocturnal feeding for the reason that the mother may have needed to make the bottle in the same room and give it as quickly without having to walk to the other room. And besides, you offer your child all the other benefits associated with co sleeping such as security and rest. The parents can have more time to rest with the practice of co sleeping. Linking with the above, co sleeping also promotes relaxation for mom as you do not have to get out of bed to care for your baby when he/she wakes up to eat or for other physical reason as it is uncovered or is lying in bad position. All you do is simply bring him/her close to your body for comforting and continue to sleep without being disengaged.


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