Dr. Douglas Frey – Home Heart Counseling

Dr. Douglas Frey – Home Heart Counseling

Dr. Douglas Frey has been dedicated to the Christian counseling services for families, couples and individuals and has been offering his services as a teacher, therapist and a Christian counselor for the last thirty years which means he has spent a big part of his life in it. A lot of people, who had problems such as fears, grief or other spiritual issues, came to Dr Douglas for the solutions and got benefited with his positive work.

The way of Christian counseling by Dr. Douglas is quite different from the traditional ways of therapy. If you have ever gone through any traditional ways of therapy, you can easily have an idea that Dr. Frey has introduced a total unique approach and he has given a great deal focus on the Holy Spirit powers as each session has bible readings, prayers and a variety of other spiritual practices.

Educational Bacbkground & Current Activities

Dr Douglas completed his MA in psychology from a reputed university of La Mirada, California and then did PhD from San Diego, California’s US International University. Dr Frey has been working since he completed his education and currently he is involved in various activities.

  • He regularly attends church and also supervises Christian workers, pastors and other professionals.
  • He also works and provides consultation to the individuals who have been facing problems such as sexual habits, affairs, addictions and emotions.
  • He is also an adjunct professor at a well-known college and a university and works as a writer too.

Dr Douglas Home Heart Counseling office is located at Eden Prairie and this place is connected with major highways giving access to the people who want to come from the other areas such as Minnetonka, Minneapolis, Chanhassen, Richfield, Bloomington, Shakopee, Chaska, Hopkins and many other areas.

Finding a Pious Christian Counselor

When you want to find a Cristian counselor, you will meet many who claim to be Christian counselors, but in reality they are just the therapists or psychologists who don’t actually give importance to God’s wills in your life. Their ignorance does not let them to be a true Christian who wants to see goodness in every aspect of life, so they are often fail to produce the best results. If you need heart counselling, you can’t find someone better than Dr. Douglas Frey who has spent a big part of his life in helping humanity.


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