Effective Tips for Cleaning Bathroom Tiles

Effective Tips for Cleaning Bathroom Tiles

If knowing how to choose the right tiles for your bathroom is already an important decision, it is still more important to know how to clean them to maintain their good appearance. If you want to know the best way to keep the tiles as new as they were on the day one of installation, we are going to give you some easy and economical tips, so that cleaning of the tiles is not a problem for you anymore.


Before cleaning, it is important to degrease the tiles because, although it is not appreciated, the continuous use of body products and soaps for the body usually generate a thin and imperceptible layer of grease. To degrease the tiles, we will suffice with half a liter of water, two tablespoons of ammonia and a sponge to apply over the entire surface. The solution will not damage the tiles, so you do not need to rinse continuously. To finish, dry them with a clean cloth. Do not forget to wear rubber gloves to avoid damaging your skin with chemicals and ventilate the room to avoid dizziness from the strong smell.


To decalcify the tiles, you will only need half a liter of cold water with a glass of vinegar and a sponge. Apply the mixture throughout the area and let it act for 5 minutes. Rinse the tiles with a damp cloth and, to finish, dry them with a clean one. Other useful ways to decalcify are the following;

Mix in a saucepan a good handful of salt and a half glass of wine vinegar. Warm it up until the dissolution of the salt and help yourself from a scourer to scrub the tiles.

Mix half a cup of baking powder or baking soda, a quarter cup of white vinegar and six cups of water.

Tips to Brush the Tiles

If you want your tiles to shine like new, there is an infallible trick. Use a newspaper moistened with ammonia water and rub all surfaces. The rough texture of the newspaper sheets will make it easier to remove incrusted dirt. Once rinsed, they will recover the shine you were looking for.

Clean Joints

To clean the blackened joints, mix warm water with greasy soap and apply directly to the space between the tiles and rub with an old toothbrush until all the dirt is removed. If this is not enough, you can always buy a whitening pen at any hardware store. We hope that after these tips the tiles in your bathroom will regain their original appearance. If you are interested in giving a complete new look to your bathroom tiles without changing them, then the best option for is tile resurfacing.


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