Effective Tips to Clean the Windows

Effective Tips to Clean the Windows

Everyone longs for the bright and clean windows and if you are one of those people, then I recommend you to keep reading this article.

The clean windows that let in light add a distinction to the aesthetics of every home. They can help create an unparalleled space for every space in the home. The natural light they provide in addition to saving on electricity can also make the area look fresh and elegant.

Like furniture, windows also require precise care so as to keep them as new and always clean. But many people consider cleaning windows is hard and tedious work, but it is not. Everything depends on the technique and the tools you use for this purpose.

Tips to Clean the Windows

When it is time to clean the windows also take into consideration the curtains and the screens. You must remove them before beginning the cleaning to prevent the dust from expanding further.

  • Before you begin to clean the glass pane, you should remove all possible dust from the screens with a vacuum cleaner and a dry cloth.
  • If you want a deeper cleaning, then use some vinegar and warm water and with a sponge remove the dirt. Before replacing them, you should let them dry in the sun.
  • As for the curtains, just follow the washing instructions to have the best result.
  • It is always good to use a lint-free cloth to prevent your window glass from being fogged.
  • You could also use a pressure hose for the exterior of the windows for a better result.
  • Remember that you must remove excess water to prevent dust from adhering quickly. You can do it with microfiber cloth or with a water drainer.

Dealing With The Dirt On Windows Caused By Children

We have to accept it that the children are children, and they will see a window clean as a painter sees a blank canvas. So if your kids use the windows to paint or stick their decals, do not despair, as there is also a solution for that and it is water, yes, the same tap water we use every day.

You only need an atomizer with water to make the decals disappear. The first thing to do is to spray the labels with water and let it stand for a few minutes. Then use a scraper, preferably plastic to avoid the scratches on the glass to remove the decal. And finally, pass a dry towel to remove any residue left in the glass.

Making your window shine is not a difficult task. You just need to follow these tips to always have the shine you always wanted. The important thing is that you do not stop cleaning your windows for a long time. The best thing to do is do it at least every two weeks.


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