Effective Tips to Identify a True Louis Vuitton Wallet

Effective Tips to Identify a True Louis Vuitton Wallet

Louis Vuitton is a well-known brand in fashion industry. It’s a brand coveted by men, women and children, so it is not surprising that many have tried to imitate it to get a piece of their success. If you want to be able to differentiate between true and fake one, there are some tricks you need to stay abreast of. There is no need to spend money on a Louis Vuitton imitation product.

Pay close attention to sewing. The sewing on LV wallets should be uniform. The exact number of stitches is usually about five points at the top and are also found elsewhere. However, some classic French wallets are manufactured differently, so the usual ‘five stitches’ is not always present.

Look at the back of it. It is common knowledge that in most authentic Louis Vuitton items, the LV logo below is backwards. The Keepalls, Papillons and most Speedy styles are the exceptions, since these LV logos are right-handed. LV logo should not only be the same throughout the article, but should also be without any defect.

Pay close attention to the patches on Louis Vuitton. Many counterfeit LV wallets have patches on their interior and exterior coatings. If you find a one, remember that the real LV has no patch.

Look at the small details before you decide to buy a Louis Vuitton wallet. For example, LV wallet closures are made of bronze or gold. Sometimes these may be silver, but the closures look expensive. The inside of your wallet should have a small piece of leather stamped with the location in which it was made. Despite the replicas, these can be marked but the leather interior will be of poor quality. If you have purchased an item from Louis Vuitton and look at an attached label, it is certainly a purchase of fakes. It is common for the label to stick in one of the pockets of your item or is given to you at the time of purchase in an envelope along with your receipt.

Slip your hands over the smooth leather of a true Louis Vuitton wallet. There should be no weird feeling underneath the fingertips. The skin should also have a nice glossy finish. Date codes contain letters and numbers. The letters indicate the country where the wallet was made, while the numbers tell the month and the year. Date codes that you cannot always use to test the authenticity of an old LV product is very important. The ones made in early 1980s and earlier do not have date codes.


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