Essential Music Recording Studio Equipment for Beginners

Essential Music Recording Studio Equipment for Beginners

Nowadays, Music has become a vital part of our society. The youngsters who are striving to develop their own music recording studio are often misguided by people that it is a difficult task and requires long term planning. This however is not the case. In fact one can easily set up a home based recording studio, with some basic music recording equipment. After all, the thing that matters the most is the human talent and capabilities. Following are the items required for music recording studio equipment.

Personal Computer/Laptop

One of the primary things required to set up a music recording studio is a computer with high processing speed. It should also have a high memory RAM and hard drive; because audio files of long duration consume large amounts of memory.

DAW Interface

DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation. The important component of music recording equipment is a DAW interface. It is software especially designed to edit the music, mixing it, adding effects to it etc. It is often paired with an audio interface. This is the supporting hardware which connects the rest of the music recording studio equipment to the main computer.


At least one microphone is required in the music recording studio equipment. For the start, a multipurpose microphone is essential since beginners usually do not have a clear idea of what kind of music they are trying to develop. A condenser microphone helps with the vocals though.

Set of Headphones

One set of headphones is enough for the beginner’s studio. There are two types of head phones;

I – Closed Back Headphones

These have a lesser sound quality, but compensate by providing the best insulation from external noise.

II – Open Back Headphones

They have better sound quality, but a comparatively lesser noise insulation. They are used for mixing.

One may seem to go for open back headphones, but for the beginner’s music recording studio equipment, a close back one is a necessity.

Studio Monitors/Speakers

The music recording studios do most of their music mixing by the headphones; however, a speaker is best for this purpose. Studio speakers have provisions for frequency adjustment. They also give a neutral sound output (without any effects) to make the best judgment of you vocals.

XLR Cables

For start, following types of XLR cables are considered essential;

  • 1 longer one for connecting with the microphone
  • 2 shorter ones to connect with the speakers.

Before one makes the purchase, do check the audio interface’s stereo output and other music recording equipment for suitable ports of XLR cables.

Microphone Stand

The most important component of studio recording equipment is a stand for microphone. This one requires a heavy investment, however, once purchased, it will last longer. Select one made with solid, heavy materials.

Although a professional studio requires many other components, the above mentioned ones are considered extremely essential, without which a music recording studio is incomplete. These music recording equipment are a one-time investment, hence one should purchase good quality equipment to get ultimate music recording experience.


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