Everything you need to know about Spotify

Everything you need to know about Spotify


For true music lovers, Spotify is the final destination on the World Wide Web. If you were unfamiliar with Spotify word till now, then it concludes that whether you are not that much into music or you buy physical music (which in these days is very strange). For people who are new to the word Spotify on web, this article will help them to understand a whole new world of music streaming.  Below have everything that everyone needs to know about Spotify.

What is it?Spotify is an online music streaming and video service that had 75 million active users, among which 20 million were paid by June 2015. Spotify was founded by Daniel Ek in October 2008 in Sweden. After its launch, it brought a revolution in music streaming world. It allows people, listen to music online without downloading it first. Its library has more than 30 million tracks, means any track that you wanted to listen.

Subscription Levels/Tiers?  Spotify offers three subscription levels

  • Spotify Free
  • Spotify Unlimited
  • Spotify Premium

Spotify Free

: This level of subscription is free. Individual can enjoy music streaming, but the issue are ads and interruption, which makes your listening experience annoying and awful. Also audio advertisement makes listening as nightmare. When you are totally involved in your favorite music and suddenly an audio ads starts, then the whole listening environment gets disturbed. In this mode you cannot access Spotify radio service and also cannot download music to your phone or device for offline listening. The sound quality is not enhanced and you cannot play your music though music systems.

Spotify Unlimited:  This subscription level charges $4.99 per month. It offers no time limits. You can stream for an unlimited time and any music on the cloud. This provides ads free listening experience also you can listen to Spotify radio, where you can enjoy shuffled music. Also this level doesn’t give you the freedom to download music for offline use or play Spotify through music systems.

Spotify Premium:If you are serious music lover, you should subscribe to this tier. This tier unlocks all features and you can enjoy music to its fullest. You can download music and can play it offline. This tier plays music in enhanced quality and you can access exclusive content on the cloud. Also you can listen to Spotify through music systems. You can enjoy Spotify premium for free for 30 days on your device.

How Do I Use Spotify: You can run Spotify on all kinds of smart phones, android or window, Personal Computers, tablets and televisions. Spotify app is available for windows and android phone. You can create your personal play list and can play any song on demand in unlimited and premium tiers.

What Artist Says? Many popular artist have mixed feeling about Spotify. Due to less payment through streaming of her music, Taylor swift has removed his work from Spotify in protest. Spotify is a blessing for less-known music artist, as they can reach the global audience through Spotify. Through Spotify social media feed anyone can share his or her playlist or favorites with their friends on social media.

Want to know more? free Spotify premium is all what you need.


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