Experience the Shine of Class and Elegance with Rolex Day-Date Watch

Experience the Shine of Class and Elegance with Rolex Day-Date Watch

The class has always been a close associate of luxury. None of them can exist without the other. People who know the essence of class and luxury, they do know this that subscribing on both of them are not everyone’s cup of tea. Earning both these elements of a unique lifestyle is a remarkable virtue possessed by few mortals on this earth. The Rolex Day-Date amalgamates both these elements to perfection and stands in as one of the most sought after Rolex timepieces by the special ones! The Rolex Day-Date is the first choice for the world’s elite. It was the first watch to display time on a watch dial.

Considered to be one of the most prestigious classic Oyster, the Rolex Day-Date is primarily found in some of the precious metals, gold and platinum. Also, it is found with a display of wide-array of languages. From its initial days itself, it established itself as the watch meant only for the special ones. With its 41 mm majestic case, this unique Rolex timepiece makes a statement of its own. The watch is recognizable from a distance which makes the fact quite clear that the Rolex Day-Date is way ahead of all other luxury timepieces of the world.

It is available only in 18 carat gold or platinum. For those who know how important innovation, achievement and classic elegance are for a human being, the Rolex Day-Date acts as the perfect company for such unique individuals on earth. Pursuing perfection in all these years, Rolex has always taken care of the? Comfort’ factor that plays a pivotal role in respecting its customers. A perfect blend of tradition and creativity, the Rolex bracelet is a perfect example of technical innovation and razor sharp manufacturing. Most of the raw materials produced and used to manufacture the bracelet have been selected and processed with utmost care.

The Parachrom Hairspring is another unique feature of the watch. Normal oscillator hairsprings are made up of ferromagnetic alloys. This in turn makes a watch easily vulnerable to shocks and magnetic fields. Rolex, after five years of its extensive research, came up with the blue-colored Parachrom springs. These hairsprings are ten times more resistant to magnetic fields and shocks unlike the other hairsprings. Made from the paramagnetic alloy, the blue color of the hairspring signifies the reserved prestige meant only for uniquely accurate timepieces.


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