Explore the Depths with Rolex Submariner

Explore the Depths with Rolex Submariner

Have an extraordinary taste or can be labeled picky? Well, the Rolex Submariner boasts of being carved for those who desire nothing less than unique. The oyster perpetual Rolex collection of Submariner watches has been especially chosen by professionals who have a profound sense of style and fashion. Those who have explored depths be it of dangerous terrains or waters are entitled for this prestigious watch that belongs to the brand name Rolex.

The stunning Rolex Submariner was introduced in the year 1953 and was the first watch to be labeled water resistant up to 100 meters (330 feet). The watch was later patented and made all the more prestigious by the triple-seal Triplock winding crown. This winding crown makes the oyster perpetual Rolex Submariner capable of withstanding great depths, almost up to 300 meters (1000 feet). The Rolex oyster perpetual Submariner watches are presented in a number of smart contrasting hues one of which is the combination of white gold with blue Cerachrom disc.

The world of a Rolex oyster is a secret place where only a few chosen ones have certified entry.  Only those retailers who are authorized can obtain the necessary know-how, skills and equipment for gaining access into the technicalities and details of oyster labeled watches in the Rolex collection. The back of any oyster labeled watch in the Rolex seal is hermetically sealed to the case with a torque extremely massive of five newton meters. The seal makes the watch extremely shock-resistant and enables it to easily combat the effect of dust, water or any other intrusive element.

The functionality of the watch becomes all the more qualitative with the feature of the Triplock Wending Crown. This crown helps the watch in accurately moving even in water or when there is a lot of dust in the atmosphere. The Rolex invented the magnificent oyster case in the year 1926 and the Triplock in the year 1970. Since that year the Submariner has become one of the most popular names amongst divers all around the globe. The triplock is one feature in the entire Submariner watch that comprises of ten different materials that lend it maximum durability and flexibility. The Triplock lets divers reach profound depths without losing track of time.

The rotatable bezel is another feature of the Submariner that lends accuracy and precision to the time-piece. Hadn’t it been for great conceptualization and tireless thinking that went into the making of the Submariner, divers today would not have known the important of time accuracy in diving.


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