Find Info About the Rare Mario Characters!

Find Info About the Rare Mario Characters!


He is the most faithful Yoshi of all his kind, as there are of several colors. Mario’s loyal partner and Peach’s fan, he never misses if his friends are in trouble.


She is usually kind and sweet, but she gets very angry when she is stepped on and she looks like a locomotive loaded with coal and attacks everyone she sees. She has her own garden and loves all existing plants except the Piranha Plant.


It is a star full of power, the soul of the holidays and full of love and kindness.

Donkey Kong

This is a Gorilla who only thinks about eating and especially bananas, and he has proven to be a great companion of Mario and company, but also one of the rivals. Usually DK reunites with his friends Diddy, Kiddy, Cranky, Funky, Tiny and Dixie Kong before with Mario and company. DK is the king of the jungle.

Master Kinopio

He is the head of the Toads and in charge of taking care of the princess since this one was a baby. He cares too much for her.

Diddy Kong

He is the smallest and weakest of the Kongs, but thanks to his height, he is agile and fast. Unlike DK, who is a gorilla, Diddy is more like a chimpanzee. It is more friendly and helpful than DK.


Also known as Negative Star, they are the counterparts of Superstars and spoilers of all the parties, where there is a Star, there is also an Estrella.


He is one of the most enormous enemies, he hates that they trample him and that easily defeat him, when he falls to the ground sometimes he staggers.

Queen Bee

She is the queen of bees in the galaxies of Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. She is also one of the playable characters of Mario Kart 7. Little more is known of her, only that she almost always itches the back and asks for help to its Subjects.


He is the main enemy who hates to step on it and wants to change things in his own favor. He hates Mario for the reason that he is constantly on his nerves and fails his plans.


Blooper is a common enemy who is only in the water, but sometimes he leaves to party with Mario and company as seen in Mario Party 8.

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