Find Out the Major Types of Bags, Purses & Wallets

Find Out the Major Types of Bags, Purses & Wallets

We are often hypnotized by the beautiful collections of bags and stop to feel the leather, look at all the details and imagine what outfit will suit with them. Many of us can tell the designer’s name or what year it was released. Although the closet is overflowing, there is always room for one more bag. It is handbags and wallets that are great allies of women to carry their most precious items at occasions and daily life. Let’s dig a little deeper and learn to distinguish different types of bags and their categories.

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags are those with one or two straps that allow to relocate slung over the shoulders. They are extremely comfortable because they allow completely hands free and also are the most popular category of bags. Within the category of shoulder bags, we can find different designs based on the shape of bag shape such as the following;


Its structure is comfortable and in most cases it is rectangular. This type of bag has two long handles for hanging on shoulder. The structure allows both manufacturing leather stiffer and softer and fits perfectly, depending on the material, to almost any style of clothing.


As the name suggests, it is a bag to carry. The tote bag style is very similar to the shopper. It is large, generally inverted trapezoid shaped with two comfortable handles to carry on both the shoulder and forearm.


Also known as messenger bag or shoulder bags, they are one of the most comfortable bags and preferred by both men and women. It is a bag of small or medium size with long handle that crosses over one shoulder and across the chest, resting on the opposite side hip, making it comfortable.


Whoever thinks that backpacks are reserved for students only, he/she is dead wrong. Backpacks have seen its rebirth in the collections of the most renowned fashion designers for some seasons, especially when it comes to fashion bags for men. The most elegant versions are made in leather and have details of closures and opaque metal fittings.

Bags and Purses to Carry in Hand

The main feature of this type of bags is that they do not have handles. It is the style most often used for night or for more elegant events since they are certainly not much comfortable for the day.


Without doubt, it is one of the favorite ones of women. A clutch is a type of small bag with the exception of being oversized, generally without handles, although in some cases it may have a small chain to hang or ring-shaped handle to place on the wrist. You can take the clutch as you find comfortable both in hand or under the arm.


They are used exclusively for galas and elegant evenings. Its structure is rigid while the designers play a lot with the shapes of them, most have rectangular shape and often are covered with bright details. It is a true gem.


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