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Flow: An Application to Use Instagram on your iPad

Flow: An Application to Use Instagram on your iPad

With Flow, you can watch, comment and share photos of your contacts on Instagram. It is an application designed to use Instagram on your iPad tablet laptop or iPad Mini.

Functions in Flow

With Flow you can perform most of the functions that you’re already accustomed to on Instagram. With this application, you can view photos and videos of your contacts, discover popular photos, meet new people who follow and more.

All you can do is take and upload photos to your Instagram account. There is at least one reason; for now, Instagram wants your users to use only its own official application to take and post photos. The goal is to keep a check on the experience of uploading steps and content that exists on your network. If you allow any application to post photos on Instagram, unwanted situations might occur with massive appearance of spam.

Even though you may not upload photos with it, Flow allows you to the following things;

  1. See photos and videos of all those contacts you have on Instagram.
  2. Easy access to your favorite pictures, i.e. those that you have indicated that you like.
  3. Find new people to follow. Achieving this is much easier to do it within the Instagram application, which takes advantage over Flow in this regard.
  4. Viewing photos and videos of all your contacts from a much more attractive perspective due to the increased size at which you’ll have on your iPad. The experience is similar to what you would see in a blog on Tumblr that has a template or theme dedicated exclusively to photography, where the whole visual field is covered with images.
  5. Save interesting photos to your photo library.
  6. Zoom in on the pictures of you and others to view them in more detail.
  7. Explore and discover accounts, trademarks and hashtags popular in different countries. You can spend hours watching what and who are popular in other regions of the planet.
  8. Easily find people and places of interest, thanks to its search tool.

Who is behind Flow?

Flow is a standalone application that has not been developed by Instagram or Facebook. Its creator is a company called Codegent, which is based in London. It can access photos published in Instagram, thanks to data and information that Instagram offers for application developers.

This means that Flow is not the only application used to view photos from Instagram. There are other applications and sites which can also be connected to see those photos.

Flow is only available for iOS tablets which means you can install it on your iPad or iPad Mini. If you have an Android tablet type or Windows, you cannot use it. You can download Flow from its official website or from the iTunes download store.

If you are looking to buy Instagram followers, you can visit for a good package.

Help for the Most Frequent Problems in Instagram

When you use Instagram, you may find some issues. In this article, we will discuss about some of the issues you might face.

Being unable to upload photos

When you face this problem, must make sure that you have a good signal and you are connected to the Internet. A slow connection will take you longer to upload photos, so have patience.

Also confirm that your wireless service provider is allowing you in case you have access to upload and submit data, which in many countries are counted as an extra or additional plan to minutes that accounts for calls.

Instagram stops working or not working as expected

In many cases, a mobile application can be improperly installed or configured and this may be due to various reasons. Perhaps you downloaded when your mobile signal was unstable or it could be that created conflicts with the operating system of your computer. This type of problem is not uncommon these days and you are not the only one who suffers.

To fix this, try to delete the Instagram application. When you have made sure that it has been removed, re-download it.

Make sure it is fully discharged. Do not turn your phone while it is being installed. Then follow all the steps and read carefully the setup instructions.

Other technical problems

If your problem is not listed here or if you want a personal reply, please contact directly to Instagram. Read the answers they have published to address the most frequently asked questions. You can also seek the solution in their database. As the last resort, you can write to them explaining your problem.

Check that your mobile equipment operates with Instagram. Its application is available for phones with iOS operating system, which are manufactured by Apple and also exists for Android devices produced by different brand. Then check the help section of the website corresponding manufacturer. Finally, make sure your mobile device meets the minimum requirements for using Instagram.

Avoid clicking on links that promise to get you followers

Do not click on suspicious links that others publish on your photos. You could be exposing your personal information to people who are just looking to collect private information from Instagram. Many of those links could also install malicious software on your mobile device.

Do not trust you messages that promise to get you more followers if you visit a website or download an application. These could bring problems and get your profile blocked and deleted from Instagram.

Control who sees your photos

If the spam in your photos is a problem that affects you too, it can set your mind to make it private. Thus, only those who are previously approved by you will see your photos. This will give you the opportunity to review their profiles and making sure only those people can leave comments on which you trust.


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