Health Risks from Fruit Flies & Their Preventive Measures

Health Risks from Fruit Flies & Their Preventive Measures

Most of us want to get rid of fruit flies when we see them, especially if there are a lot of them. This should indeed be the first thing to do. Trapped fruit flies can’t breed and repeat the cycle. There is also the satisfaction of seeing them trapped and not flying around anymore. However, it is also worth addressing the prevention side to fruit fly control at the same time. This is largely common sense but it is worth thinking about.

Fruit flies are annoying and seem to come from nowhere and are hard to kill, and once they appear, they seem to stick around forever. How do you get rid of them? What works and how do you avoid having to smash them or spray them with pesticide only to have them return again? This article aims to provide some of the answers for these questions, so those pesky fruit flies don’t bother you anymore.

There is no doubt that fruit flies are the most disgusting pests. If their move within the house is not controlled, the probability of an outbreak diseases is likely to be high. These insects are nuisance of many homeowners. They have a relatively crazy and short life span of eight to ten days. This implies that they reproduce at a very fast rate. Their life cycle is also short and goes between egg and adult within eight to ten days.

Regardless of the short life cycle of fruit flies that ranges from 8-10 days, these little insects pose health risks like any other insect. Fruit flies breed bacteria and apart from being all over the over ripe bacteria, they could land on food that is left open leaving behind these disease causing bacteria. In addition to this, fruit flies are also attracted to garbage bins where they breed to multiples of flies and the next stop of these flies from these dirty bins would be when they are infesting your food. The bacteria left behind by fruit flies can get you and your family sick and thus it is advisable to not only cover your food but also get rid of these insects. Avoid leaving plates of leftover food in the open; don’t take a plate of food that has been infested with fruit flies since the germs are microscopic and are not visible with naked eyes. Regularly empty your kitchen garbage and get rid of any rotting foods in your house and you will be free of the nuisance caused by fruit flies. You also make sure that you are not leaving out liquids that fruit flies love and check you are putting a cleaner down the drains as this will prevent them going in there to breed.

Fruit flies thrive better in moist, damp places e.g. garbage disposal drains, sinks, fermenting or rotting food and fruits. These spots provide an ideal environment for their breading as well as survival. Getting rid of these annoying little creatures from their habitat may be hard when one does not have knowledge about them. Fruit flies can be controlled using homemade fruit fly traps. Here I share a homemade traps that can be effective to trap fruit flies.

Apple Cider Vinegar Trap

This trap is ideal and simple and makes use of apple cider vinegar. In order to make this trap, you need a mason jar or a jar with same shape, funnel, about half-cup AVC, a drop of wash soap and a piece of fruit.

Once you have got the above requirements, the next step will be to heat up half cup of AVC and pour into the jar. The jar must be deep, so that the flies can drown. Now add some drops of dish soap which breaks tension on liquid’s surface, hence, the fruit flies cannot just sit on it and it traps the flies. When you are sure that the surface tension of the fluid has been broken, roll a paper’s piece and put it into jar’s mouth in order to create makeshift. Tape this piece of paper in place. The simple AVC is now complete.

After making your trap, locate a place inside your house that is likely or frequently invaded by fruit flies. Once you have located the place, place your trap at a strategic point at the located spot. The fruit flies will all enter the jar to taste vinegar, but they will not manage to come out and will eventually drown and die there. If the trapped flies do not drown, place the trap into the freezer for about 20 minutes to kill them by low temperature. You can reuse the same trap that is still holding the dead flies as there is no need to use fresh contents again.

The use of this trap is advantageous as it is cheap and easy to set up. In addition, it works not too badly. Well, this method has downsides too. The trapped fruit flies do not portray a good picture in front of guests if the trap is set in a sitting room. In addition, if you temper with the trap before, the trapped fruit flies will escape which can be annoying if the fruit flies feed on the succulent and fly away without drowning. Visit thereviewgurus for more ideas to trap fruit flies.


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