How Can I Get Clients To Sell Truck Insurance Successfully?

How Can I Get Clients To Sell Truck Insurance Successfully?

‘How can I get clients to sell truck insurance?’ is one of the most asked questions by truck insurance agents. This question contains a very interesting detail. In the different media where truck insurance agents are trained and in the publications where we handle sales and advisory issues, we usually ignore or devote little space to how to get clients to sell truck insurance successfully. I think it is opportune to dedicate this post to dust off some basics and try to contribute the ideas that many of you may find novel, although not necessarily so.

When we enter the world of sales, the first situation we face is who do we sell to? The immediate response is ‘to your hot market’. That market always refers to family members, social relationships, relationships from former jobs, etc. Obviously this list has its limits and its size will depend on many factors, but we must insist, it is a starting point.

As we explain the truck insurance products we manage, we try to obtain recommendations or references, regardless of the result of our interview. I have seen over the years that this is overlooked. Extending the circle of influence through referrals is essential if we want to have an inexhaustible source of truck insurance prospects.

A second source of prospects is ‘the cold market’. The image of the man with his briefcase walking the streets knocking at the doors and visiting businesses has always accompanied us to insurance professionals. Well, is this practice still working?

In large cities where the rapid pace of life has made interpersonal relationships very difficult for us, it is very difficult to achieve good results. Possibly it works crossing businesses or places of much traffic like auto commercial centers.

Getting customers to sell truck insurance, as well as to market anything else, requires a deep analysis of our possibilities. Let’s think for a moment;

  • Who do we know?
  • Where can we open a new contact gap?
  • What common places do we frequent?
  • Do we belong to a relevant auto group or association?
  • Do we know someone close who is involved in auto groups or associations?

It is possible that you are somewhat loner. Maybe we do not have a lot of social contact or we just do not like or attract attention socially much. In those cases, we will have to use other methods.

A few years ago, telemarketing began to become fashionable. Taking advantage of telephone directories to obtain appointments and interviews or even, in some cases, to sell directly, started with very good results.

Like everything else, abuse has thrown overboard a good marketing idea and has led truck insurance prospects to become defensive over the phone.

It’s always been said that we must be aggressive in the sale. It’s true and has worked for decades, but you have to understand that society is changing its behavior drastically. There are some countries that even protect telephony user of these practices through more or less successful laws.

Now the internet has become fashionable. Many professionals have discovered that it helps when it comes to getting clients to sell truck insurance. In this field, there are several versions. The truck insurance agents and brokers with good financial backing have invested in automated quotation systems and online sales. The results obtained are very variable. To enter cyberspace requires a lot of work and patience and to channel a good sum of money to get traffic. Again, the abuse of a practice quickly leads to user protection, giving rise to spam or unwanted emails. Obtaining clients to sell truck insurance requires a clear vision nowadays and correctly aiming at the objective.


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