How Do I Get Rid Of The Spiders?

How Do I Get Rid Of The Spiders?

Spiders are definitely most feared pests in houses all across the world. The fear of spiders is called arachnophobia. Though most of the women are afraid of spiders, there are men also who are afraid of this bug. There are harmless as well as extremely poisonous spiders.

Spider Venom

Most people mistake spiders’ purpose for venom. The reason for their poisonous bite is not to kill the prey or to hurt humans, it is to digest its food externally. In more depth, spiders do not consume their prey like scorpions do. Spiders use their venom to decompose the body outside the stomach. They have too small mouth to consume their prey like scorpions. So when they bite the trapped insect, what it does is it will begin to decompose it and then the spider will suck up the juices and leave the dried out body to rot. This is why brown recluse bite creates such a gap in human tissue; the venom is designed to eat muscle tissue, so that they can then drink the juices from the insect.  Black widows, on the other hand, have a smaller mouth and their venom is designed to paralyze their pray. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the most venomous spider in the world is the Brazilian Wandering Spider whose venom is so powerful that just 0.006 mg of venom can kill a mouse.

How do I get rid of spiders?

As a matter of fact, the top way to rid of the spiders is to stop them entering your house. I know it isn’t a practical way out all the times, so here I share a few more ideas that you can use to stop the spider infestation.

  • To keep your house clean is an effective preventive measure to keep out the spiders as well as other pests as they tend to hide in dark and undisturbed areas.
  • They also like wood and cardboard, so if you have shelves or boxes full of stuff, sort them often as it is feasible that spiders may be staying there.
  • Clean door frames and windows with a cleanser that contains lemon oil. Spiders detect flavors with their feet and detest lemon oil, thus, avoid coming to such as place.
  • Use vacuumed on all baseboards, corners and hidden areas you can find. When you have spiders at home, you should not feel bad about eliminating them.

There are many insects and animals that help us maintain a healthy ecosystem, for example, to control pests that attack our orchards and gardens. Without harmful chemicals or major works, these critters deliver us from the real enemies in our yard. The amount of beneficial animals for our garden can be extensive. From predatory wasps to buzzing birds. Each has its purpose and every part of this eternal circle we call life. So when you get to hear the buzz of a bee, the creak of a toad or a spider between the tiles, instead of complaint, thank them to be pest controllers for you.


These beautiful creatures have great aerodynamic design and are also very beneficial to our gardens. The dragonflies attack and ingest the large amounts of mosquitoes and their larvae. So if you have a small pond at home, and with a plague of mosquitoes, these magnificent insects can be the perfect solution you have been looking for both.


There is no greater magic than a night full of fireflies lighting on our way. These insects have beautiful properties of bioluminescence which are also very beneficial. These flying insects often use this light to communicate and attract their mates. But when they are hungry, they also use it to confuse and attract the other insects that can serve as a dinner for them.


If you get a sudden attack of pests, ladybugs can be your best ally. This tiny insect has a voracious appetite, especially when the menu includes aphids, whiteflies and many other common but harmful insects to the plants and flowers grown in your garden.

Praying Mantis

This insect is not only interesting to look at, but it is a machine to eliminate pests. Among its favorite menu, it contains bugs and aphids. It also likes to eat grubs, crickets, grasshoppers and all those insects that feed on the leaves of our plants.


Although they can be annoying, ants are also beneficial for the garden. To begin, clean the area of dead animals and other decaying matter. Furthermore keep aerated and fertilized land to create cavities in it, allowing certain types of food, moisture and air to reach the roots of our plants.

Lizards and Toads

They are highly effective when they eat insects, grubs and other pests. Lizards usually take the turn on and toads at night. Among both they make a fantastic team when cleaning your garden of mosquitoes, bugs, ants and many other annoying insects.


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