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How Do Rats Get Into Home And How To Deal With Them?

How Do Rats Get Into Home And How To Deal With Them?

Finding a rat or mouse in your house is alarming to say the least but the question you have to ask yourself is how they even got into your house in the first place. The number one reason why rats are in your house is because there is food around. Here are some of the ways that rats are entering your home;

  • Through open or unscreened doors, windows or ventilators
  • Under shallow foundations of the house
  • Through cracks and breaks in the foundation
  • Through holes around electrical inlets or pipes that enter the home.

There are four essentials ways for good rat control;

  • Eliminate sources of foods
  • Remove shelter
  • Ratproof
  • Tarp and Kill rats or release rats
  • Tarp and release rats fay from your home

Starve them out

  • Keep garbage in tightly covered containers and store food in rat-proof rooms and containers.
  • Don’t leave pet food out
  • Clean up pet manure.

Remember that the removal of food supply is probably the most important part of rat control because rats aren’t attracted to or stay in an area if they have no food to eat.

Remove Their Shelter

  • Inside home, store materials in basement on stands about 10 to 12 inches above the floor.
  • Do not allow material to accumulate on the floor behind sink, stove or cabinets.
  • Set flush items against the wall or far enough away, so that there is space which can be easily cleaned.

Recommended rat Trap – Victor M142 Power Kill Mouse Trap Setup

Victor rat traps are well-known in the pest control industry and have made some of the best electronic rat traps available in the market today. However, some of these traps that kill such as the traditional spring traps might not be worth your time. So here I review one of the spring traps from Victor brand.

M142 Victor is a more modern version of the typical wooden spring loaded kill trap, but it is made of durable plastic. M142 mouse trap has been getting some negative reviews in regards to the bait always being taken without the trap going off. If you are to buy it, I would highly recommend you to set the bait in such a way that it will not allow the rat to take it off the trap.

Many people are wondering if traps advertised as mouse traps would be as effective as catching rats. So the question is ‘Do mouse traps really work on rats?’. Well. This all depends on the type of mouse trap you are using because a lot of mouse traps are too small to catch rats. Small glue traps for mice might be too small to effectively capture the larger rats. Smaller electronic mouse traps will only work for mice due to the small opening in the trap and spring kill traps for mice might be too weak to effectively kill larger rats as well.

Humane traps for mice will also be too small to catch the rats. So the question lies on what type of rodent trap you need to get rid of from your house. If you think buying a mouse trap to get rid of your rat infestation is going to be more cost-effective, you are wrong. Buying a mouse trap for rats will be less effective and you will end up spending more money on buying the right trap.

Do mouse traps work on squirrels and chipmunks?

It is highly unlikely that mouse traps will be effective in catching squirrels and chipmunks. A trap that I highly recommend catching these critters are humane traps that are large enough to capture the animals larger than mice and rats.

Get Victor Electronic Rat Traps M240 to Trap Rats

M240 Victor electronic rat trap can kill rats as large as 8 inches not including their tails as well as mice. Many folks have successfully used this trap for years and it is one of the rat traps out there in the market that work.

The best way to use this trap is to put the bait at the far end inside the trap near the metal-hole opening. Once the bait is set in place, you want to place this trap alongside a wall where there is high traffic, rodents like to run against the walls at night time. Make sure to lure the rats near the bait by placing bits for bait like cheese, bacon, or what you have around the outside of the bait. Don’t forget to turn the power switch on before leaving, so that you can electrocute the rat or mice.

Victor M240 Electronic Rat Trap requires 4 ‘C’ batteries which will last approximately 12 to 20 rodents. This is well worth the investment for those with heavy rodent issues.

Is Victor M240 Electronic Rat Trap Worth The Cost?

This trap costs at least 10x more than traditional traps and it does require 4 ‘C’ batteries. It’s very easy to set up, just insert the batteries, place the bait inside the trap, and turn the power on. That’s it! To get the best traps online, visit thereviewgurus.


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