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How Does The Super Glue Work?

How Does The Super Glue Work?

You must have heard about super glue, chemically known as cyanoacrylates, and used it as well, however, you may not know some strange things about super glue. For example, while white glue hardens when it dries out, as we say the same thing about super glue, but it is incorrect. Not only that, it is as far from this reality for the reason that these compounds work exactly the opposite; in its liquid form, the molecules are loose, but when super glue is put in contact with hydroxyl ions, super glue polymerizes and it forms long chains and becomes a solid and dry.

But where are hydroxyl ions most commonly found? In the water. If you had been trying to paste something with a super glue and there was no hint of water nearby, you would not get stick anything, because what it does is not getting dry, it is wet and turns into solid. Obviously, there is no need of many hydroxyl ions for these compounds to polymerize, or would wetting them to stick things. Simply the humidity of the air is enough to allow the super glue to perform its work. In fact, if you leave it open, the problem is not that anything evaporates but super glue polymerizes and solidifies with the contact with moisture.

This is why you have probably noticed a pretty irritating property of the super glue when you are trying to stick something, and you are not getting it right at all. However, when you put a drop on your finger and you touch another finger, it will get stuck with tremendous speed. You know it because your skin is usually much more humid than the environment, so they are perfect for super glue to polymerize on your fingers.

I know you know all this is not too practical, but I can give you information that it will serve you the next time you use a super glue besides being able to say ‘I will use a super glue’ and earn respect of your friends and family. If you do not get two surfaces stick very well, try to take your breath on them just before putting the glue as extra moisture can help a lot. When you are out in the market to purchase a super glue, there are many brands available.

In this article, you will find the different types of commercial glues and their uses, advantages and disadvantages, and we will talk about the different commercial glues used in different materials to make crafts. This is only a guide and it is recommended to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before using the different glues.

Glue or White Glue

It is used in most school projects that require liquid glue. When it is dry, it is transparent so it is used in craft of decoration for sticking decorated or colored papers in combination with object paintings and seals for different effects to finish the set, and for gluing glitter, yarn and paper, wood, Styrofoam, and mainly cardboard box.


It is a non-toxic glue and it is easy to clean. This glue is soluble in water and very easy to handle. It’s economic. If it is dried on an unwanted surface, you should only moisten it again with a wet cloth and then it will be easier to clean.


It is a weak glue that does not hold much weight. It is not water resistant. If we use a lot, the paper be undulating due to the moisture. If left in the container for a long time, it dries.

Glue Stick

It serves to glue paper, cards, paperboard, cardboard and some types of tapes. It is not recommended for scrapbooking and photographs since for this technique, an adhesive for photographs pH neutral or free or acid that does not damage the photographs with the passage of time is recommended.


It is fast paste, safe to use, non-toxic, washable and easy to handle. Its use does not make the paper damp with moisture as in the case of white glue.


It is only useful by attaching the light papers to the cardboard and it does not support the weight of the cardboard.

The Contact Glue

It is used to attach the large surfaces of cork, wood, plastic, leather, metal, etc.


This glue allows some flexibility of glued surfaces and can withstand the higher temperatures than the other glues and it is water resistant as well.


It is toxic and must be handled very carefully as it can be difficult to remove of the skin. It is difficult to clean and reposition once it is applied. You have to use it in open places. The children need supervision during its handling.

Super Glue

As its name implies, Super Glue has strong binding effect.


Super glue has many benefits such as that it is water resistant and it is used in medical and industrial equipment.


When in contact with cotton, super glue may set it on fire.


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