How is North Wave by HaoYaun Different?

How is North Wave by HaoYaun Different?

Are you looking for a flat in the best housing society to live your life peacefully, without noise pollution and congestion? If your answer is yes, you are surely at the right place. Here we will tell you about one of the best housing society where you can buy your flat and can live your life peacefully, without any noise pollution and congestion. This society we are going to discuss offers the citizen a lot of facilities and anything they could wish for.

The owners are giving their best and try to provide complete comfort and privacy to people who choose to live in societies built by them, the North Wave EC projects by HaoYaun are the best projects ever done. It is situated at the joining of Gambas and Woodlands Ave 12 that is situated next to exceedingly pursued after Woodlands area Centre. There will be the range of marketing malls and offices for citizens living near to the area center. KampungBahru is near North Wave EC and it is one of the HaoYaun projects, now we are going to discuss the reasons why you should buy North Wave EC flat.

Amenities in North Wave

North Wave gives you the best services as there are shopping malls, school, food courts and other facilities. It gives there citizens what they could wish for. As is an indoor and outdoor gym, citizens living in the flats don’t need to go outside or any place in Singapore for their fitness. There are food courts, tennis court, BBQ pits and swimming pool so the citizens can relax after a day’s work.  It also gives full condo facilities to its citizen’s usage. Being a trifling boutique development with approximately 390 units, it gives you many amenities that provide to the way of life of dissimilar groups of holders of all eternities.

  • One of the reasons to buy flat in North Wave is that it is affordable.
  • Educational institutes are near it, you don’t need to go far from there.
  • Shopping malls are near
  • Banks are nearby
  • The best quality of material is used in the flats.

Citizens will likely to relish the communal facilities in an air conditioned atmosphere without any extra cost. North Wave has big car parking place where you can park your cars without any worry, they are safe. Flats in the North Wave can travel in lesser time from North-south expressway to Woodlands as traveling via Central Expressway.

There are many reasons to buy flat in North Wave as it is the best housing society which provides you the every facility you could wish for. We suggest you to buy as soon as possible.

No doubt you will be happy if you invest in a flat here, as in the coming years the rates will raise, so you already have got the value for your money while investing in the North Wave.


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